A Look Back with BeHome247

With the first months of 2023 underway, it’s a good time to reflect on the past year, recap key platform enhancements and integration partner updates, and plunge into the new year with a fresh perspective. 

Last year was a cause for celebration, filled with impactful platform enhancements and powerful integration partnerships enhancing our vast ecosystem of property management tools. A whirlwind conference schedule saw us exchanging ideas, sharing solutions, and connecting with industry professionals in the property management space throughout the country.

Whether supporting the short-term vacation rental industry at the Texas Advocacy Event or promoting Florida’s tourism industry while serving on the Visit Florida Board of Directors, 2022 saw BeHome247 continue in its efforts as a proud sponsor and engaged VRMA advocacy supporter. As we forge into 2023, here’s a look back on 2022 BeHome247 highlights.

Regional Events

Eager to exchange groundbreaking ideas and discover creative ways to address the growing complexities in the industry, BeHome247 supported several top tech conferences in 2022.

Here are a few highlights:

  • As a guest speaker at VRMA Intel Live, Lino Maldonado, BeHome247 President, provided insight on future tenant-facing technology. 
  • Serving as moderator at the VRM Intel DARM, Maldonado facilitated discussions regarding the future of tech stacks in 2023 and beyond. 
  • Sponsorships and attendance at GNEX, IMN Build-to-Rent Land & Home Building Forum, NRHC 2022 Industry Leaders Conference, LiveRez Partner Conference, and others left us energized and excited about the future of the vacation rental landscape.

BeHome247 Platform Enhancements

Driven to help property managers meet an ever-growing list of challenges, BeHome247 continues to automate and innovate, simplifying the tech stack and providing a highly customizable end-to-end platform that fosters a better user experience. “Property managers are looking for a simplified tech stack, and true integrations are critically important. Eliminating as many touch points as possible through automation is imperative to increase efficiencies and reduce costs,” says Maldonado. 

Impactful BeHome247 platform enhancements this past year include an enriched communication center with a unified inbox enabling SMS and email correspondence for fluid guest interactions. Task checklists for housekeeping, maintenance, inspections, and more help to streamline operations, while an enhanced property control tool assists in diagnosing hardware issues. Unique message campaigns triggered by guest experiences present opportunities for enhanced engagement, on-demand property sync enables property managers to refresh calendars anytime, and updated tax audits provide clarity for users of all types. From custom Yale lock codes and bulk work order capabilities to helpful recurrent work order tools that help minimize downtime, BeHome247 improved efficiencies across the board.

BeHome247 Integration Partners

Committed to providing a competitive edge to property managers looking for a modern way to manage operations, BeHome247 offers seamless integration with various software and hardware systems. In 2022, BeHome247 announced a series of integrations with the leading property management systems in the short-term rental industry, with more software and hardware integrations to come.


Transforming operational efficiency for mid-to-large vacation rental and short-term property management companies, Track’s award-winning software equips property managers with critical tools for long-term growth. Featuring a powerful CRM that converts guest and contact data into actionable insights, Track’s channel management ensures maximum visibility for potential guests. With trust accounting for quick reconciliation and reporting and a call center software solution to help sales teams deliver unmatched customer experiences, Track enables property managers to simplify workloads and personalize guest experiences.

Together, BeHome247 and Track refine the property management experience by consolidating tedious processes and delivering automated solutions that maximize revenue, cultivate and nurture guest and prospect relationships, and sustainably scale operations.

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Renowned for its automation capabilities, Guesty simplifies key components of short-term property management, including task management, guest communication, payment processing, and channel management. With personalized booking websites, marketing tools and analytics, and integration with multiple channels, Guesty easily facilitates listing, promoting, tracking, and analyzing properties, providing a comprehensive solution for property managers. 

Incorporating BeHome247’s access control, multi-site KABA support, and Smart device controls, Guesty expanded its extensive range of features. Providing keyless access to designated users, sensors that alert when water and smoke surpass acceptable levels, and Smart devices to monitor and manage energy consumption all add another level of comfort and safety to guests.

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A globally acclaimed vacation rental management platform; OwnerRez revolutionizes operational efficiency through a robust feature set. Channel management, CRM, and PM capabilities integrate with software tools to automate tasks and streamline workflows. With accounting, messaging, and website services, OwnerRez provides a cohesive, integrated system for managing diverse customer bases.

Combining forces with BeHome247, OwnerRez provides a comprehensive booking management platform with Smart device connectivity. This powerful integration enables effective management of every aspect of the guest experience, delivering an elevated level of personalized service.

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Born from a cloud-based real estate services industry platform, LMPM evolved as a leading PMS designed for enterprise-grade vacation rental management. Managing everything from guest and owner interactions to guest bookings and property management, LMPM provides sound solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes.

BeHome’s integration with LMPM will see users reaping the benefits of automated task assignment, workflow, and work order management. These combined forces provide two-way sync for booking and accounting data, improving operations by bridging the gap between legacy software and modern technology solutions. 

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With a mission to make clean energy accessible for drivers everywhere, OK2Charge is the only EV charging solution designed specifically for vacation rentals. Integrating seamlessly with leading PMS systems, OK2Charge services the residential and hospitality sectors, ensuring greener properties and enhanced revenue for its expanding customer base.

Through connected platforms, BeHome247 and OK2Charge deliver EV charging as an amenity. Merging OK2Charge’s EV Smart charging network and BeHome247’s energy management capabilities enable shared customers to generate an additional eco-friendly revenue stream while providing an increasingly sought-after convenience.

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Developed by tenured property managers searching for a better PMS solution, Streamline‘s comprehensive suite of features expedites operational tasks, tackling everything from homeowner acquisition and property care to revenue management and accounting. 

BeHome247 and Streamline’s robust integration empowers mutual clients to manage operations easily, increase inventory, and improve communication through automated solutions. 

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Barefoot Technologies

As a renowned vacation rental property management solution, Barefoot Technologies‘ feature set includes CRM and lead management, trust accounting and revenue management, and website integrations. Intuitive accounting and customization capabilities add to the mix, while an excellent support staff contributes to an enhanced level of customer service.

Offering a comprehensive vacation rental management experience for shared customers, BeHome247 and LMPM will continue to simplify the user experience and improve operational efficiency in 2023 and beyond.

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A Look Ahead with BeHome247

With 2022 in the rearview mirror, BeHome247 noticed some key factors reshaping the vacation rental industry. “Last year brought exciting new business models, migration of lodging types, consolidation in the market, and tremendous growth in the industry,” says Maldonado. As PMs prepare for growth, adapt to the changing landscape, and strive to improve the guest experience, BeHome247 will continue on its quest to provide a simplified, feature-rich end-to-end platform for users of all kinds. 

With 2023 well underway, some themes begin to emerge, including a need to bring tech from the vacation rental sector into the residential sector and visa versa and mapping functionality from one sector to another. With additional consolidation, expansion of local operators, and an increased interest in expanding businesses locally all on the horizon, BeHome 247 will continue to provide support through simplification and automation, giving their customer base plenty to look forward to this year.

Advocacy will continue to be a priority, and BeHome247 will strive to engage with industry leaders to develop viable, intuitive property management solutions. Continued platform developments are also on the horizon, and an exciting new partnership with dormakaba to be introduced later this year will offer unique access control technology, further enhancing the BeHome247 platform and helping property managers stay ahead of the curve in 2023.

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