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Property Management Simplified

Combining simplicity with connectivity, BeHome247’s unifying operations platform streamlines the property management experience. With the ability to merge workflow automation, vendor management, and smart home technology for small and large portfolios, BeHome247 gives property managers an edge in the rapidly evolving vacation rental management landscape.

BeHome247’s most recent integration with OwnerRez is another example of enhancing user performance and guest experiences by providing premium property management solutions. Built on a solid foundation with robust features and a suite of operational and marketing tools, OwnerRez offers vacation rental managers the freedom and flexibility to grow their businesses and do it at their own pace. 

OwnerRez Features

Recognized internationally as an elite vacation rental management platform, OwnerRez is a game changer for increasing operational efficiency. Providing a trifecta of channel management, CRM, and PM capabilities, OwnerRez seamlessly sinks software tools to automate tasks and streamline workflows. Accounting, messaging, and website services add to the mix, offering a seamless, integrated system no matter how diverse or extensive the customer base is. 

Developed by software engineers managing their own vacation rentals, it was built to fill a gap in the property management industry. The software was slow and inefficient then, and no single product on the market addressed every need. Thus began the journey to create a top-performing, an all-in-one-solution. Designed to integrate with as many booking sites and resources as possible, OwnerRez takes the property management experience to another level. 

“For more than a decade, we devoted ourselves to providing really good vacation rental experiences for guests. Now, we devote our time to providing really good software for vacation rental owners and PMs,” says Paul Hall, Media and Marketing Manager.

Integrating with various partners, including dynamic pricing, remote door locks, and online guest booking systems, this intuitive, web-based application modernizes the vacation rental management space. 

OwnerRez Benefits

Building direct partnerships with a host of major channels, OwnerRez maintains an Elite and Preferred Partners status with VRBO and Airbnb, respectively. But offering a fast, fluid connection with multiple booking sites, all centrally managed, is only the beginning. Numerous integrations expedite processes and automate repetitive tasks, eliminating the need for third-party software vendors and saving PMs time and money. 

Their powerful PMS enables PMs to track expenditures, process statements and payouts, and generate reports, while personalized templates fully automate guest messaging. They also deliver branded websites with customized templates and pre-built pages optimized for portfolios of all sizes. Syncing availability, rates, and listing content, OwnerRez offers reliable, enterprise-level capabilities on all fronts. In short, if they don’t provide it, they have a partner that does. With a current client base of over 50,000, OwnerRez offers award-winning solutions that resonate with property managers on multiple levels. 

“The OwnerRez philosophy is to try offer you the maximum possible flexibility and the maximum integration with the maximum number of other providers and choices. You can choose what works for you and your business because for everybody, it’s a different answer,” says Ken Taylor, Director of Operations.

OwnerRez Support

Transferring data, accounts, and functionality can be overwhelming to new clients, and support is critical during migration and implementation periods. Known for exceptional technical support and timely response rates, OwnerRez continues to expand its customer services team, a vital component of its continued success. A robust support center educates PMs when setting up their accounts, and weekly demo webinars help them along as they move through the process.

“We also offer our ProConnect service, which will help onboard all of someone’s properties and answer questions. If someone is switching to us from another PMS, we offer our ProTransfer service, which will import as much data as possible from the other platform into OwnerRez,” says Hall.

An Integrated Solution

Finding the right balance between task management and customer service can be challenging, particularly given the range of services vacation rental property managers provide. From marketing and bookings to cleaning and maintenance, having a system to help navigate the process can be a deal breaker for operations teams. It can also mean the difference between a less than memorable stay and an exceptional guest experience.

Offering personalized attention and smooth, predictable interoperability between software, BeHome247 and OwnerRez provide a seamless, comprehensive booking management platform with smart device connectivity. This powerful collaboration enables property managers to manage and grow their portfolio by servicing every aspect of the guest journey. 

Primed for shared customers, BeHome247 and OwnerRez leverage industry experience with sound technical solutions to provide reliable solutions. Both recognize adapting to changing market needs and supporting enterprise growth are instrumental to customer success. As each increases its offerings, PMs will have a wide range of customizable tools at their fingertips, freeing up much-needed time to concentrate on enhancing the guest experience. 

“If you provide excellent support and a solid product, then you will have happy customers,” says Hall.

OwnerRez continues to evolve, with an array of new offerings on the horizon, including payments API with Airbnb, messaging API with VRBO, and a Zapier integration. BeHome247, in turn, continues to transform the property management experience, merging smart technology with powerful, reliable, and fast integration solutions. 

Whether streamlining operations for a few properties or those poised for exponential growth, BeHome247’s forward-thinking approach and advanced technology continue to deliver elevated performance.

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