Workflows & Automations for Task Management

Task management for property management operators presents a complex web of contingencies. A water leak work order can’t be completed until the unit is unoccupied for a minimum number of days. A unit is ready three hours prior to check-in, but check-in procedures don't start until guaranteed check-in time. With BeHome247, task management complexities and inefficiencies are replaced with customized workflows that solve day-to-day task management issues.

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Task Management, Optimized.

Whether it’s scheduling routine tasks to be completed on a recurring basis, or time-sensitive tasks that require real-time information from multiple systems to bring the task to completion, BeHome247 enables modern property managers to control crucial business operations from a single dashboard. As a matter of fact, BeHome247 integrates with existing software and hardware to unify your technology, replaces repetitive tasks with automations, and streamlines manual task procedures with workflows. Now that’s task management, optimized. 

Task Management Software for Property Managers

Work Order Management

Automatically generate work orders, manage communication, verify completion, and pay vendors in a unified platform.

Remote Check-In

Automate check-in with timestamped housekeeping and maintenance triggers to initiate keyless entry and a welcome message via app, email, and SMS.

Self-Guided Tours

Online tour scheduling is secure thanks to background checks, selfie verification, and programmed key code changes to unlock and resecure units.

Housekeeping Technology

Timestamp cleaning service checklists and trigger work orders or check-in procedures based on real-time information.

Set the Scene

Schedule ‘scenes’ to turn on lights, disarm door and window sensors, and adjust room temperatures for a welcoming atmosphere upon arrival.

Integrated Software Eliminates Recurring Manual Tasks

At last, BeHome247 enables modern property managers to eliminate many manual tasks by connecting hardware and software to our unified platform. We’re proud to offer an open API and a growing number of pre-built integrations with leading technology providers and property management systems.

No more copying and pasting status updates or exporting and importing reservation data. In short, integrating legacy systems with BeHome247 enables you to automate check-in, work order management, energy usage, and more.

If your daily tasks have contingencies, then you need workflows and automations at your fingertips. Save hundreds of hours by automating task management with BeHome247 today.

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Other Solutions

Leverage the full power of BeHome247 to supercharge your property management operations.

Enterprise Smart Device Control

Avoid costly repairs and mitigate security risks with BeHome247 enterprise smart device control software.

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Guest & Resident Messaging

BeHome247 enables property managers to reach customers via their preferred method— email, SMS texting, or mobile app—all managed within a unified system.

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Self-Guided Tours

​​Enable prospects to book tours instantly and securely with BeHome247 self-guided tour software for single family and multi-family property managers.

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Maintenance & Work Orders

Submit, store, manage, and pay every maintenance work order request that crosses your desk efficiently with BeHome247.

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Housekeeping Management

Cleaning service communication is complex. Our unified operations platform solves everyday complications that have plagued property managers for decades.

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Transform the way you manage software and hardware across your entire portfolio with BeHome247’s suite of essential property management integrations.

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