Guest Messaging & Resident Communication Software

Overseeing guest messaging or resident communication is a long-standing pain point for property managers across the hospitality and residential industries, often resulting in processes that feel fragmented to customers and equally hard to manage for operators. BeHome247 enables property managers to reach customers via their preferred method—including email, SMS texting, and mobile app—while maintaining a unified repository and management system for all communication, regardless of the delivery method.

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Messaging and Communication Software for Property Managers

With BeHome247 guest messaging and resident communication technology, two-way communication with guests and residents has never been easier. Through our unified platform, property managers can not only push automated messaging—like unit-level check-in instructions or property-wide maintenance reminders—through scheduled automations or customized workflows, but also send and receive one-to-one communication in real-time. 

We’ve powered our Guest Connect app and guest messaging experience, as well as the Resident Connect app and resident communication experience, to function seamlessly for the customer while simultaneously streamlining processes for the operator. 

  • Two-way messaging from a dedicated business line
  • Email, SMS, and in-app communications converge in a unified inbox
  • One-to-one communication and broadcast messaging
  • Enable remote access and oversee smart home technology usage
  • Initiate maintenance work orders and provide status updates from unified inbox

Guest Connect for Short Term Rental Property Managers

Organize, automate, and respond in real-time via the Guest Connect app, designed for short term rental property managers. Integrations with the industry’s leading property management systems, hardware providers, and software systems allow BeHome247 users to manage the guest experience from pre-arrival to check-in, to in-house communications and check-out, from a single dashboard.

  • Customize and automate pre-arrival, check-in, and check-out messages 
  • Create an in-app digital concierge experience 
  • Improve request response time with two-way communication
  • Monetize early check-in and late check-out requests
  • Expand revenue streams by automatically identifying and selling ‘gap nights’ 

Resident Connect for Residential Property Managers

Fully customizable, our white-labeled Resident Connect app is designed for residential property managers who need to organize and manage resident communication at scale. With BeHome247, residential property managers are empowered to oversee the entire resident experience—from booking tours to signing leases, and managing maintenance work orders to digitizing move-out checklists—from a unified dashboard.

  • Book self-guided tours securely 
  • Facilitate applications and background checks
  • Execute residential leases with digital documents
  • Assign work orders as maintenance requests are received
  • Offer smart home technology packages as upsell opportunities 
  • Digitize resident and vendor checklists for maximum visibility  

More than guest messaging and resident communication software, BeHome247 empowers property managers to streamline their business operations, generate revenue, and save hundreds of hours by automating manual tasks.

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