BeHome247 Announces Strategic Partnership with Barefoot Technologies

BeHome247 and Barefoot Technologies unify vacation rental management to boost efficiency and create a seamless customer experience.

Front of the house meets back of the house with BeHome247’s new integration with Barefoot Technologies.

Barefoot Technologies is a leading vacation rental management solution focused on innovation and partnership to provide a great customer experience. Barefoot Technologies has everything you need to streamline your back-office operations with functionality like accounting, CRM and lead management, revenue management, upsell activities, concierge services, owner/guest/vendor access, and asset management.

BeHome247 provides best-in-class property and device management for vacation rentals to streamline all aspects of operations, guest management, and communication. As a front of the house solution, BeHome247 automates day-to-day operations like housekeeping scheduling, maintenance, inspections, guest services, smart device management, and more.

Lino Maldonado, President of BeHome247, commented, “BeHome247 specializes in the front of the house operations, and Barefoot specializes in the back of the house operations. Bringing the two together creates a seamless technology environment that is simplified and more efficient.”

Together, BeHome247 and Barefoot Technologies provide a complete vacation rental management experience for shared customers. This unified front and back of the house experience promotes operational efficiency through increased visibility, continuous data flow, and a simple user experience.

“We’re excited to add another great partner to our integration.” Lino Maldonado says, “We look forward to delivering exceptional efficiency to all of our common customers through this new integration.”

Check out BeHome247 and Barefoot Technologies to learn more about optimizing your front of the house and back of the house operations.  

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