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Syncing property, vendor, and operations management, BeHome247’s unifying operations platform provides unprecedented control for residential and hospitality property managers. The system features cloud-based software that Integrates with a network of smart home devices and enables remote property management from a single interface. Designed to provide a flexible, seamless, scalable solution, BeHome247 is modernizing the property management experience. 

With a shared interest in maximizing revenue and improving efficiencies, BeHome247 recently integrated with Guesty, an industry-leading property management platform. Servicing everything from urban and vacation rentals to apartments and glamping sites, Guesty elevates operations with intuitive property management solutions. Renowned for providing channel management, reporting capabilities, and automation tools, Guesty has augmented its operations capabilities with BeHome247’s entire set of features. 

Guesty Capabilities

Guesty’s cloud-based system is loaded with dynamic features, providing an end-to-end platform for short-term property managers. Earning a reputation as an automation powerhouse, Guesty streamlines everything from channel management and payment processing to guest communication and task management. Offering personalized booking websites, marketing tools, and analytics, Guesty also integrates with dozens of channels, enabling management with each from a single central hub. From listing and promoting to tracking and analyzing, Guesty eliminates the guesswork, providing a wealth of solutions for short-term property managers.

Guesty Advantages

Clients often adopt Guesty when other PMS products have failed to provide sufficient solutions. Citing more features and integrations and better automation and user interface as just a few reasons they make the switch, users can access a number of automated features through its user-friendly system. Offering a suite of automation tools, Guesty expedites processes and frees up much-needed resources from performing labor-intensive tasks.

Auto-messaging and auto-response ensure consistent communication throughout the guest journey, while the auto-task feature helps prioritize, assign, and monitor routine tasks. Whether utilizing the auto-pricing feature to adjust rates as needed or activating reservation payments through the auto-payment option, Guesty focuses on streamlining processes so you can focus on growing your business.

Powerful analytic tools reveal KPIs that help property managers monitor metrics crucial to their success. Data collected on occupancy rate, the average length of stay, average daily rate, and more lends insight, providing an overview of short and long-term performance. Property managers can efficiently utilize this information to address shortcomings and gaps and forecast future growth.

Guesty’s marketplace showcases an expanding list of external partners, offering quick, easy, and seamless integrations designed to improve operational efficiencies. Whether incorporating keyless entry, payment processing, and cleaning management or managing call center solutions, insurance, and maintenance, users can quickly cultivate the guest experience through an easy-to-use integrated ecosystem.

Guesty Resources

Guesty educates consumers through an extensive catalog of resources, including live chat and phone support, forums and online training, and webinars. Guestypedia provides a glossary of industry terms short-term property managers might find helpful in their daily activities. The detailed index, covering everything from operations and marketing to inventory and financials, is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of industry jargon. Guestyversity offers insights from experts on a host of topics vital to property management success. Whether researching travel and industry trends, learning how to upgrade tech stacks, or understanding pricing and revenue management, property managers will gain a wealth of knowledge by browsing informative articles and videos.

Unified Operations

Incorporating BeHome247”s access control, multi-site KABA support, and smart device controls, Guesty continues to enhance its extensive suite of offerings. Access control and KABA support ensure guests, tenants, visitors, and vendors convenient keyless access when and where designated, while smart device controls measure, monitor, and manage energy consumption. Sensors alert property managers when water, smoke, contact, noise, or temperature issues exceed acceptable levels, adding just one more level of comfort and safety. 

Building effective, adaptable, scalable applications that improve efficiency and meet customer needs is no easy task, but BeHome247 and Guesty have risen to the challenge. Successfully simplifying crucial processes, their combined forces help property managers maintain a critical edge in a highly competitive industry. Both offering feature-rich platforms with a host of flexible solutions, property managers can now select which modules they want from both systems and assimilate them as they see fit.

 “This new integration will not only allow for a more seamless user experience but automate many of the more manual tasks currently associated with housekeeping, maintenance, vendor management, and smart home controls, says Lino Maldonado, President, BeHome247.” 

Servicing customers of all sizes and property types, its biggest market in the U.S., Guesty continues on its path to delivering innovative property management solutions. Consistently rolling out new features that resonate with consumers, Guesty continues participation in industry events, with their annual GuestyVal conference on the agenda in May of 2023. 

“The BeHome247 Team is incredibly proud to have joined forces with Guesty to help our mutual customers improve operational efficiency, simplify their tech stacks and, best of all, reduce costs,” says Maldonado.”

Refining and simplifying processes, optimizing operations, and providing outstanding guest experiences are hallmarks of this powerful collaboration designed to streamline operations for those who need it most. Poised to offer clients a comprehensive property management solution, BeHome247 and Guesty are changing the short-term vacation rental landscape one integration at a time. 

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