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As a unifying operations platform for property managers, BeHome247 automates routine tasks from a single, secure platform. With an intuitive interface that’s easy to use, this robust system offers a reliable, scalable, and sustainable solution for every property management need, no matter how diversified or large the portfolio. With a focus on the residential and hospitality industries, BeHome247 tackles communication, guest management, and operations with ease and fluidity, but it doesn’t do it alone. 

Cultivating strategic partnerships along the way, BeHome247 affords seamless integration with various software and hardware systems, including Lightmaker Property Manager (LMPM). Both cloud-based applications run on a browser; users reap the many benefits of this powerhouse collaboration, including reduced operational and infrastructure maintenance costs, enhanced data analytics and insights, and swift interoperability.

What is LMPM

Evolving from RESAAS (Real Estate Software As A Service), a cloud-based real estate services industry platform, LMPM was founded to develop the fastest property management system for vacation rentals on the market. Handling everything from guest bookings, property management, guest and owner interactions, and accounting transaction processing, LMPM delivers an end-to-end solution with its enterprise-grade vacation rental management software. 

LMPM Features

Featuring a customizable website, LMPM serves as a direct booking site, empowering users to manage bookings, process payments, and distribute inventory to OTAs. LMPM’s Trip Manager offers complete control when managing multiple properties, while Channel Distribution enables increased visibility and revenue growth by listing properties on popular sites like VRBO and Airbnb. E-Sign provides electronic rental agreements, managed and tracked effortlessly, while quick and easy processing of payments, pre-authorizations, and security deposits expedites accounting procedures. 

Blazingly fast and highly flexible, LMPM features a powerful trust accounting system and easily tackles complex bookings. Working with clients of all shapes and sizes (their largest portfolio maintains 750 properties while their smallest manages a dozen), they welcome all companies that want a tight accounting process and are focused on growth. 

A Strategic Partnership

Integration Powerhouse

Working in tandem, BeHome247 and LMPM automate task assignment, workflow, and work order management and provide two-way sync for booking and accounting data. This exciting partnership streamlines operations by filling the gap between legacy software and modern solutions, readily adapting to the ever-evolving property management landscape. BeHome247 specializes in smart technology, while accounting is in LMPM’s DNA, the perfect pairing. 

“The LMPM and BeHome247 integration combine real-time trust accounting, best-in-class reservations handling, and powerful booking websites with a robust, enterprise-grade operations and guest experience platform. The Holy Grail solution unlocks the best of both worlds so you can level up your business,” says Sean Raftree, VP, Business Development, LMPM.

Structured Implementation

Continuously evaluating your tech stack is crucial in this industry, and deciding to upgrade can be pivotal in the success of your business. Experts in change management, BeHome247, and LMPM focus on personalized customer service, which begins during the implementation process. Both recognize clients can experience anxiety during migration and deployment, so processes are clearly defined, with coaching provided as needed.

“After our discovery call with a new client, we craft an implementation plan that includes an onboarding schedule, data migration, training, and accounting setup. Our teams work with clients throughout the entire process to ensure we deliver on our promises,” says Raftree.  

Flexible Solutions 

Offering a diverse platform with flexibility for users of any type makes this collaboration extremely dynamic. Online booking is crucial for property managers to connect with opportunities quickly and efficiently, and sharing information with global distribution systems and OTA’s is vital to increase booking rates. Centralized services that leverage tools and systems to achieve optimal functionality grow organizations to their fullest potential, allowing operators to choose how they run their business. 

“Operators in a particular market can be on the same PMS system, they can have similar properties and property types, but they operate their businesses very differently. Flexibility is key in how they manage their portfolios, and that’s what we believe this integration brings to the market,” says Lino Maldonado, President, BeHome247.

Pulling information out of LMPM, BeHome247 automates functionality, like guest key codes, temperature control, access control, and smart devices. Turning on the air conditioning or heat before guests arrive and offering keyless entry can make all the difference in a guest experience. 

“The information we’re able to pull out of LMPM allows us to automate guest experience, access control, and workflow automation in housekeeping and maintenance, to achieve the consistent and high-quality guest experience,” says Maldonado.

Whether just starting, operating a growing entity, or managing a sizeable portfolio, this seamless integration will continue to grow with its users. After all, as a business evolves, so too should its tech stack.

Measured Success

The most rewarding part for both BeHome247 and LMPM is the transformative process when clients accelerate their month-end processing using these tools. Among other clients, large operators like Scenic Stays 30A, Hodnett Cooper, and Kaiser Vacation Rentals have leveraged this Holy Grail solution to improve efficiencies, eliminate redundancies, and achieve scale. With LMPM V4.4 slated to launch at the VRMA International show in October, this collaboration will only strengthen its offerings. The upgrade will include a new and improved messaging center as well as new website functionality, accounting tools, integration partners, and more.

Both amassing loyal followers, BeHome247 and LMPM are committed to providing a competitive edge by streamlining and simplifying operations for full-service property managers. Expediting processes with minimum oversight while increasing profit margins, BeHome247 and LMPM offer the framework to enhance operational strengths in more ways than one. Managing the expectations of owners and guests can be hard work, but it just got easier.

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