Going Green with OK2Charge EV Charging for Vacation Rentals

BeHome247 is proud to partner with leading technology providers to provide a comprehensive suite of integration opportunities for our customers. Today, we’re highlighting OK2Charge: the leading electric vehicle charging solution for vacation rental property managers. 

Integration Partner Spotlight on OK2Charge

OK2Charge is the only EV charging solution designed specifically for vacation rentals. With OK2Charge, you can make your vacation rental property greener, provide a highly sought-after amenity, and boost revenue in the process.

How does OK2Charge work?

To use OK2Charge, you first purchase EV charging hardware and work with a licensed electrician to install it at the property. Charging stations can be installed at single-family homes or multi-unit properties, like condominiums, or at a common space within a larger development. With OK2Charge software enabled, property managers can determine how to charge guests or residents to access EV charging–for example, daily, per kilowatt-hour, or by the hour. With OK2Charge, you also have the option to make your EV charger an exclusive amenity for guests or open to anyone. 

With more and more people driving electric vehicles, EV charging at the destination is no longer a novelty–it’s a necessity. With OK2Charge, property managers can provide guests the ability to charge their EV securely without having to leave the comfort of their vacation home.

OK2Charge helps you manage your EV charger by integrating seamlessly with your property management system (like Streamline or Track) or your operations platform (like BeHome247).

Why should you use OK2Charge at your vacation rental property?

1. Go green

As an EV charging solution, OK2Charge makes your property greener. You can help the environment by providing charging for electric vehicles and reducing dependence on gas-powered cars.

Making your property greener can also help you attract environmentally conscious guests. By offering a green amenity, you can make your property instantly more attractive to guests who prioritize environmental sustainability.

2. Create additional revenue

OK2Charge also creates an additional revenue stream for your property. You earn revenue every time someone uses the EV charger. With the option to allow anyone to use your EV charging station, OK2Charge expands your revenue potential beyond your guests.

3. Designed for vacation rentals

Unlike other general EV charging solutions, OK2Charge is designed for vacation rentals. Your vacation rental needs are an afterthought for most EV charging solutions. OK2Charge, in contrast, prioritizes the unique needs of vacation rental property owners, managers, and guests.

Eric Broughton, CEO of OK2Charge, says “We believe there is a unique opportunity to provide electric vehicle charging to vacation travelers. We recognize that we need to build a solution that’s very simple and seamless to use to create an exceptional guest experience.”

OK2Charge is also unique in having a team of people who built other companies in the vacation rental industry. Because they’ve worked in the vacation rental industry previously, OK2Charge’s team has the insider knowledge and expertise to build an easy-to-use EV charging solution that creates a great guest experience.

OK2Charge + BeHome247

OK2Charge integrates seamlessly with other software you already use to provide EV charging management. It integrates with a variety of property management systems and offers an established integration with BeHome247, the only unified operations platform for the vacation rental industry. 

As a unified operations platform, BeHome247 helps you manage every aspect of operations, communication, and the guest experience–including managing OK2Charge EV charging usage. BeHome247 also automates your day-to-day operations – like smart device management, housekeeping scheduling, check-in/out, guest communication, work orders, and more.

Lino Maldonado, President of BeHome247, says, “In partnership with OK2Charge, BeHome247 is proud to be the first to offer EV charging support for the vacation rental industry. With OK2Charge and BeHome247’s seamless integration, we enable-shared customers to generate additional revenue while providing a modern, eco-friendly guest amenity.”Check out OK2Charge and BeHome247 to learn more about EV charging for your vacation rental property.

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