New Year, New Goals in Short-Term Property Management Sustainability

Many of us strive to be more sustainable, whether that be through occasional recycling or conserving energy by adjusting the thermostat when we’re away from home. Even as a property manager, you might have implemented a few environmentally conscious business practices this past year but have yet to implement a concrete plan. And even though you’ve thought about doing more, you’re unsure where to begin. Fortunately, the new year brings new beginnings and endless opportunities to champion sustainable initiatives that lead to more eco-friendly short-term property management practices. 

What if you started this year with a comprehensive plan to integrate sustainability across your property management portfolio? Where would it take you, and what type of impact could it make? 

Imagining the transformation can be inspiring, but taking actionable steps toward your vision is the real catalyst. Kickstart the new year by aligning your short-term property management goals with eco-friendly practices that benefit the environment and your bottom line!

Understanding the Impact of Property Management Sustainability

Sustainability may seem daunting to some property managers, particularly those who feel their individual efforts might not significantly impact the larger environmental picture. Don’t overlook the ripple effect of environmentally conscious business practices. Implementing energy-efficient lighting, water conservation practices, waste reduction strategies—even eco-friendly amenities—can create a domino effect as your guests see these efforts firsthand during their stay and then share their experience with others. 

And, in a landscape where travelers increasingly prioritize environmentally conscious accommodations, sustainability initiatives like these can also be a defining factor. Presenting cost-saving opportunities for property managers, they also foster loyalty among consumers seeking eco-friendly stays!

The collective impact and benefits of sustainable property management are far-reaching, from reduced carbon emissions to preserving natural resources. Each one of us has the power to contribute to this monumental shift toward sustainability, and it begins with small changes.  

If you’re new to the game, here are the key components of sustainable property management:

Energy Efficiency

Implementing energy-efficient appliances and systems like smart thermostats, water detectors, locks, and lights will help monitor and optimize energy usage. Properly sealed windows help prevent air leaks, eliminating continuous heating and cooling and reducing greenhouse emissions associated with HVAC systems. And installing EV charging stations promotes an environmentally conscious guest experience, reducing their carbon footprint during their stay.

Waste Reduction and Management

Taking steps to eliminate single-use plastics, buying cleaning products in bulk, and using refillable dispensers can profoundly impact the environment. Short-term property managers can also reduce waste by sourcing eco-friendly suppliers for guest toiletries, recycling reusable resources, and placing bins in common areas so guests can support your eco-friendly initiatives.

Water Conservation

Installing low-flow fixtures, regularly inspecting for leaks, and promoting towel and linen reuse programs demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility and reduce costs, saving money in the long run. Opting for native, drought-resistant plants will also reduce water consumption, as will establishing water-saving guidelines and policies for staff, promoting awareness, and encouraging responsible water usage throughout your property portfolio.

Guest Engagement 

Short-term property managers create an appealing proposition for guests by fostering a culture of sustainability within the property’s ecosystem. Share your conservation efforts with guests and encourage them to participate in water-saving initiatives and recycling programs during their stay. As more people actively seek accommodations with sustainable practices, guests who appreciate and support your green initiatives are more likely to return. Better yet, they’ll be inclined to spread the word, broadening your property’s appeal and reputation as an eco-conscious destination among environmentally conscious travelers. You might even convert a few guests into sustainability advocates. See how we’re returning to that ripple effect we discussed earlier?

Assessing Sustainability Milestones

While we all like to say that we’re making every effort to move in a more positive, eco-friendly direction, what have we actually achieved? Now’s the perfect time to sit down with your team and ask some important questions. What energy-saving measures or waste-reduction programs did you implement this past year? Did you reach your sustainability targets? Whatever prompted you to take action, whether your passion for our planet, a focus on trimming costs and improving efficiency, or attracting a new audience to your properties, were your efforts successful, and can you analyze any data for actionable insights moving forward? 

Devoting a little time to reflect on successful endeavors and areas where you may have fallen short will help identify new opportunities and refine strategies that enhance sustainability practices for the coming year!

Set New Goals for the Coming Year

It’s easy to start the year with a promise to implement sustainability practices, but keeping it going will require a little effort and a sound plan. Start by setting measurable goals and focus on one or two key areas, like water conservation or waste reduction. You could even include community engagement programs and partnerships and assess each property’s influence on local sustainability initiatives. 

Prioritize by identifying efforts that will have the most significant impact within a designated time frame and budget. Next, create an action plan outlining steps, timelines, responsibilities, and resources needed, then break down larger objectives into small, manageable tasks. Finally, implement a system for regular monitoring, track performance, and make necessary adjustments to stay on target or improve outcomes. 

Armed with a well-structured plan and a renewed commitment to sustainability, you can confidently navigate the year ahead!

How BeHome247 Can Help

Short-term property managers are poised to promote sustainability, given their ability to implement immediate measures. And BeHome247 can help you get started today! Whether your goal is to streamline operations with innovative technology and automation or reduce your environmental impact by offering electric vehicle charging, implementing a few changes can make your properties more appealing, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly.Get started today with BeHome247 and elevate your properties into sustainable, cost-efficient accommodations that place guest satisfaction and environmental stewardship as their top priorities!

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