How to Protect Against Water Damage with Multifamily Water Leak Detection

Is your multifamily property vulnerable to catastrophic water damage?

Whether it’s from a burst pipe, leaky appliances, or any other cause, water damage can happen at your multifamily property. And, you might not know anything is wrong until there’s widespread damage. 

On average, water leaks can cost your property upwards of $10,000 per damaged unit. Unlike single-family properties, one water leak can damage many units – leading to sky-high repair costs. 

The good news is you can protect your property from water damage with water leak detection for multifamily properties. This software can help you catch water leaks early – minimizing damage and repair. 

If you’re wondering what water leak detection systems are and if they’re right for your property, you’re in the right place. Before diving into whether water leak detection is right for your property, let’s take a look at what water leak detection is.

What is multifamily water leak detection?

Multifamily water leak detection is software that uses sensors to alert property owners or property managers to any water leaks. It can monitor your main water line, toilets, appliances, building pipes, water heaters, and more. Water leak detection software will alert you if it senses any unusual water activity. 

You can set up this software to monitor just your main water supply, every floor, or every unit. The more sensors you have, the better the water leak detection software can catch leaks. So, having a sensor per unit can usually protect your property better than only having a sensor for the main water line. 

While water leak detection can be a standalone solution, it can also be part of a complete property and device management platform. Choosing a complete platform with water leak detection ensures you have everything you need to manage your multifamily property – all in one software solution. 

How does water leak detection for multifamily work?

Water leak detection software for multifamily properties begins with installing water sensors throughout your rental property. Depending on your needs, you can install leak sensors on your main water line, on every toilet, on appliances that use water (like a washing machine), or on any other pipes throughout your building.

Once you install water leak detection sensors, the software starts monitoring water flow throughout your building. If this software notices any atypical water behavior (like a dramatic increase in water usage for one toilet), it will alert you in real-time. Depending on the software, you can receive leak alerts through email, text, app notification, or on a computer dashboard. 

After alerting you, some water leak detection software can automatically shut off water. This software can also provide a precise location of the water leak – making repair easier and faster. With the right water leak detection software for multifamily properties, you can protect your property from water damage.

What are the benefits of multifamily water leak detection?

You now know what water leak detection systems are and how they work. However, you might be wondering what benefits your property could see from water leak detection. Here are the top benefits of multifamily water leak detection:

Prevent damage

One of the biggest benefits of water leak detection software is that it can prevent water damage. Without water leak detection, you likely won’t know there’s a water leak until the damage becomes visible. By the time you can see the water damage, you’re more likely to have catastrophic property damage.

With water leak detection software, you can catch leaks early – potentially before they cause damage. Even if there is damage, catching leaks early can prevent widespread damage, saving your property tens of thousands in repair costs. 

Reduce insurance costs

Along with preventing damage, multifamily water leak detection systems can lower your insurance costs. Water damage accounts for around 30% of all insurance claims. Because water leaks can cause large-scale damage in a multifamily building, insurers charge multifamily buildings higher premiums. 

Water leak detection software can help lower your insurance premium by making your building lower risk to insurance companies. Plus, it can prevent claims by catching leaks before they cause damage. This can also lower your insurance premium – saving you money. 

Make repairs easy

Another benefit of a water leak detection solution is that it can make repairs easier. Without a water leak detection system, you have to manually locate the leak. This can involve tearing out walls and ceilings in multiple places until you locate the leak. While you’re wasting time finding the water leak, this leak could also be causing more damage.

In contrast, water leak detection software can tell you precisely where the water leak is. So, you don’t have to waste time trying to find the leak. Instead, you locate it quickly – making repair much easier. 

Lower water bills

Water leak detection software can also lower your water costs. Leak detection software doesn’t just detect catastrophic leaks. It can also detect small leaks (like a toilet running constantly or a leaky faucet) that don’t cause immediate damage. While these problems don’t cause damage right now, they do increase your water bill (potentially by thousands a year).  

With a leak detection system, you can spot any appliances or equipment using too much water. Then, you can repair the problem – preventing future damage and saving you money on your water bill.  

Why should you use water leak detection software for multifamily properties?

Water leaks are becoming more common every year. Aging pipes and infrastructure are increasing the likelihood of water damage. Even if you’ve never had a water leak at your property, it’s more likely than ever that your property will have a water leak. 

With the right water leak detection software, you can be prepared for problems with any aging pipes, equipment, or appliances in your building. Rather than being caught off guard by a catastrophic leak, you can catch and fix any problems early – saving you tens of thousands in repair costs.

Plus, water leak detection software can improve the tenant experience. Instead of dealing with a water leak that ruins their entire unit, tenants won’t even be aware of the small water leaks you fix. This creates a better tenant experience – leading to higher retention and building occupancy. 

Water leak detection for multifamily properties with BeHome247

Water leak detection software can help prevent damage and save your property money. However, it’s important to choose the right water leak detection software to see these benefits. 

If you’re looking for the best multifamily water leak detection software, BeHome247 is the way to go. With BeHome247, you can monitor water lines throughout your entire building. Plus, BeHome247 can send water alerts right to your smartphone – helping you address leaks quickly.

Unlike many other water leak detection systems, BeHome247 is also a complete property and device management platform. With BeHome247, you can automate all of your day-to-day operations – like tenant communication, leasing, work orders, maintenance, inspections, vendor scheduling, rent payments, and more. 

BeHome247 is also a device-agnostic platform with middleware capabilities. So, you can use most water sensors with BeHome247. Plus, you can continue to use any legacy software that works for you, while adding new features (like EV charging). 

Whether you’re looking for only water leak detection or a complete property and device management platform, BeHome247 has what you need.

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