How to Increase Efficiency and Revenue with EV Charging Management Software

Do you offer EV charging at your property?

Whether you have a multifamily, single family, vacation rental, or hospitality property, EV charging stations can help you attract tenants/guests and earn more revenue. If you don’t offer EV charging, you could miss out on top tenants and extra income streams.

However, simply having EV charging stations isn’t enough. You also need EV charging management software to help you manage EV stations, electricity use, tenant/guest charges, and more. With the right EV charging management software, you’ll get the most out of your EV charging stations.

BeHome247 has partnered with OK2Charge to offer all this and more, providing an integrated smart EV charging management solution. To understand this powerful collaboration and what it can bring to your property, let’s begin by explaining EV charging management software.

What is EV charging management software?

EV charging management software helps you track, manage, and optimize your EV charging stations. Providing pertinent data on energy consumption, tenant/guest behavior, charging fees, and more, this information lends insight, enabling you to activate and control charging sessions based on reservations and guest information. 

You can also set pricing levels and fully automate activations and payment collection, reducing work for you and your team. Tenants/guests can also view and control their EV charging session from their smartphone, an additional convenience making their stay that much more enjoyable.

Many EV charging management software options are point solutions, meaning the software only helps with EV charging. If you want to manage other aspects of your property (like tenant/guest communication, vendors, and maintenance), you’ll need additional software – which is expensive and harder to use.

To get the most out of your software, you should look for a complete property and device management platform with EV charging capabilities. That way, you can manage every aspect of your property from one easy-to-use platform.

BeHome247 is not only a complete property and device management platform; it’s the first to incorporate a fully automated, smart EV charging solution, offering convenience for both operators and users.

How does EV charging management work?

First, purchase your EV charging hardware, then work with a licensed electrician to ensure proper installation. Once the software is integrated, you can decide who can access the EV chargers and how to charge them. 

You can also set rates to maximize your EV charging income, and when tenants/guests use your charging stations, the software can automatically charge them. They can also interact with the charger through BeHome 247’s Guest Connect – creating a positive tenant/guest experience.

What are the benefits of EV charging management solutions?

Now that you know what EV charging management software is and how it works, here are a few ways you can benefit from the fully integrated BeHome247/OK2Charge smart EV charging system. 

Increase revenue 

Manually managing EV charging stations requires you or your team to manually bill tenants/guests every time they use a station. Not only is this time-consuming and frustrating, but it’s also hard to keep up with, resulting in lost revenue. 

With the BeHome247/OK2Charge smart EV charging system, you can automatically charge tenants/guests when they use your station. Simply set the rate, and let the software handle charges for you. That way, you can collect all fees and increase your property’s revenue.

Reduce staff workload

When your team manually manages EV charging stations, they have to check on stations, monitor energy usage, bill tenants/guests for use, and more. These tasks are time-consuming and keep your team from focusing on high-value activities (like creating a great tenant/guest experience.)

With the BeHome247/OK2Charge smart EV charging system, your team no longer has to do these tedious tasks. Instead, the software manages everything for them, freeing up hours of your team’s time.

Boost the tenant/guest experience

If you manually manage your EV charging stations, tenants/guests have to manually interact with the stations, which is inconvenient and time-consuming. 

The BeHome247/OK2Charge smart EV charging system is fully automated, simplifying the vehicle charging process for tenants/guests. They can also interact with charging stations from their smartphones, enhancing the guest experience.

Why should you use EV charging management software?

Tenants and guests are increasingly prioritizing environmental sustainability when choosing what to purchase, where to vacation, and where to live. If you don’t offer environmentally friendly amenities (like EV charging), you could lose out on great tenants and guests. 

However, simply offering EV charging isn’t enough to get ahead of competitors. You also need to make EV charging easy for tenants and guests to use. Plus, you need to manage it efficiently to reduce costs and your team’s workload to reach maximum profitability. 

To attract top tenants/guests while cutting costs and increasing revenue, you need best-in-class EV charging management software.

Manage EV Charging with BeHome247 

EV charging offers a lot of benefits for your property – like saving money and boosting revenue. However, you’ll only see those benefits if you choose the right EV charging management software. 

If you’re looking for the best EV charging management software, BeHome247 is the way to go. Unlike other EV charging management solutions, BeHome247 is a complete property and device management platform. With BeHome247, you can manage every aspect of operations, communication, and tenant/guest experience from one, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform. 

Additionally, BeHome247 offers dashboard views and robust reporting to help you optimize your EV charging stations. Plus, BeHome247 offers a tenant/guest mobile app that can boost your tenant/guest charging experience. Sign up for your demo today to see how BeHome247 can help you get the most out of your EV charging stations.

Sign up for your demo today to see how BeHome247 can help you get the most out of your EV charging stations.

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