How to Streamline Resident Communication Today with Smart Technology

If you asked residents today their preferences regarding their living environment, most would say they want a safe, secure habitat and an elevated experience. When asked the same question regarding technology, one thing’s crystal clear. They prefer to interact digitally. From paying rent online to communicating electronically to managing all other processes through an app, residents want a streamlined approach at every touchpoint. It turns out they’re not alone.

Property managers also want to communicate and interact with residents and potential residents using their preferred technology. As they look for ways to manage workloads, accelerate business operations, and attract and retain residents, they also turn to technology to drive growth and manage critical business processes. Can one solution solve both problems? Absolutely!

Transformational change doesn’t have to be complicated, and there’s no need to put it off any longer. With BeHome247’s resident communication technology, enhancing and simplifying interactions between you and your residents just got easier. No matter the size of your portfolio or how diverse, streamlining resident communication is quick and seamless with BeHome247 and a few simple tips.

Build Out Your Resident Portal

A resident portal offers convenience while enhancing communication and engagement by providing quick and easy access to pertinent services and information. This convenient and secure central hub will ensure timely responses to inquiries, expedite rent payment processes, and provide a centralized platform for all lease-related processes and documents. It’s also an excellent way for residents to manage their preferences, access payment schedules, reserve amenities, and engage with others. 

Property managers can also use the portal to make residents aware of exciting and important events that might be occurring on the property. With a fully flushed-out resident portal, keeping occupants informed about the clubhouse, a resident pool party, mail protocols, and more is much easier and more convenient.

Schedule Self-Guided Tours

Offer potential residents the convenience and flexibility of secure, self-guided tours enabling them to explore properties when and how they choose. Beneficial for residential candidates and property management teams alike, self-guided tours easily integrate via a smartphone and app. Offering a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for a leasing agent, it’s also an innovative way to increase occupancy rates and expedite the leasing process.

Simply schedule the tour, define designated tour areas and times, set any other necessary parameters, and create an optimal tour experience while ensuring a safe environment for all parties involved. Residents will enjoy the freedom to move about and envision themselves in the space without pressure, and you’ll appreciate the extra time spent to focus on enhancing the resident experience. Plus, information from each tour can help discern how best to tweak marketing and pricing strategies. Which units generated the most interest? Which common areas were visited most, and how long did potential residents stay in each location?

Digitize Documentation and Checklists

It’s no longer a question of does digitizing makes sense for property managers but when and how to transition into a more fluid application. With BeHome247, it’s easy to quickly adopt digital solutions over paper checks and invoices, eliminating bottlenecks that often occur when processing paperwork. Save time, money, and storage space by keeping all records within a safe, secure platform. You’ll also be able to monitor all properties in one place, quickly process applications, background checks and leases, and digitize move-in and move-out checklists. 

Since digital documents are much easier to search than paper counterparts, you can quickly generate reports, access them when needed, then leverage the data to make smarter decisions regarding future planning. You’ll find it’s much easier to drill down into which properties are performing better and why and identify patterns and correlations between property features, location, and performance metrics that will contribute to long-term success. 

Leveraging smart technology offers a streamlined process that reduces administrative overhead, enabling efficient allocation of personnel and materials while optimizing resources and reducing unnecessary expenses.

Submit Maintenance Requests

Nothing is worse for residents than unexpected maintenance issues, which can also put a cramp in your day. Whether the problem is a broken air conditioner in the middle of summer or a seemingly benign leaky faucet, addressing issues expeditiously will undoubtedly make everyone happy. Immediate action will ensure the comfort and satisfaction of residents and safeguard the condition of your property.

If your current maintenance request process could use an update, consider making a change. With BeHome247, residents can easily submit maintenance requests as needed, day or night, through a user-friendly interface. This streamlined process empowers residents to report issues quickly, reducing frustration and potential delays. Assign work orders as soon as they come in, upload photos to give the maintenance team insight and assist with troubleshooting, and track progress through to completion. Record all requests, communications, and updates digitally to create a comprehensive history of each maintenance issue at each property.

BeHome247’s technology also allows you to proactively schedule and track routine inspections, repairs, and maintenance to ensure properties remain in optimal condition.

How to Streamline Resident Communication with BeHome247

BeHome247’s unifying operations platform can assist in all aspects of the resident experience and do it from one unified dashboard. Specializing in streamlined workflow solutions, BeHome247 addresses every issue before, during, and after leasing, elevating property management teams to new heights. 

BeHome247’s Resident Connect app enables secure, self-guided tours and offers property managers a quick and easy way to process applications and background checks, assign work orders and maintenance requests, digitize resident and vendor checklists, and more. With BeHome247, it’s never been easier to streamline resident communication and enhance the overall resident experience while saving time, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency. 

The future of property management is here, and BeHome 247’s smart technology is at its core. 

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