4 Essential Steps to Convert and Retain Residents

Resident retention is a cornerstone of successful property management. Keeping your residents happy is a little like making sure your favorite houseplant doesn’t wilt—it takes some attention and care, but it’s worth it. This dedication to detail starts with creating a solid first impression and continues with consistent, meaningful interactions. Property managers can turn satisfied residents into loyal, long-term advocates who wouldn’t dream of leaving by focusing on each stage of the resident journey.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to empower prospects with self-guided tours.
  • The importance of streamlining the application process.
  • Strategies to nurture and retain residents.

Let’s dive into the essential steps to convert and consistently command strong resident retention.

1. Connect with Confidence

Empower Prospects with Self-Guided Tours

Gone are the days of rigid showing schedules and scheduling hassles. BeHome247’s self-guided tours revolutionize the property viewing experience, putting potential residents in control. Prospects can explore properties at their convenience, leading to a more relaxed and personalized viewing experience. This autonomy allows them to envision their lives in the space, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Brian Zacharias, Vice President of Operations at HomeSource, says, “Having BeHome247 as our property management platform with many automated functions reduces room for human error in marketing and rental processes. Due to the smart technology in the home, a feature that BeHome247 provides is the ability for prospective residents to self-schedule and self-tour properties on their own time.” 

Empowering prospects in this manner is a crucial first step in ensuring they feel valued and respected from the get-go.

2. Convert with Ease

Streamline the Application Stage

A smooth and efficient application process is critical in converting prospects and retaining residents. BeHome247’s user-friendly online system simplifies the application journey, making it easy for prospects to submit their information and track their application status. The integrated communication tools, like Resident Connect, keep applicants informed and engaged, reducing any friction during this pivotal stage.

Zacharias highlights the benefits, stating, “HomeSource powered by BeHome247 captures the prospect from self-tour to move-in without any rerouting. The prospect can self-tour, apply, sign the lease, access their payment requirements, renters insurance solutions, and select additional service options through one singular workflow with multiple built-in notifications.” 

Clear and transparent communication during the application process builds trust and confidence, increasing the likelihood of them becoming long-term resident retention.

3. Nurture Relationships

Effortless Move-In

The move-in day can be stressful, but BeHome247 mitigates this by providing automated emails with essential details such as access codes and parking information. Personalized welcome messages and digital checklists ensure a seamless transition for new residents. This thoughtful approach helps new residents feel welcomed and well-informed, setting a positive tone for their new chapter.

Simplified Resident Living

Throughout their stay, BeHome247 keeps residents connected and informed. The online portal simplifies the process of submitting maintenance requests, offering real-time updates for swift resolution. Regular community announcements, event invitations, and policy updates keep residents engaged and build a sense of community. This consistent communication ensures residents feel valued and connected, enhancing their overall living experience.

Zacharias further explains, “BeHome247 provides Smart home technology, bringing visibility to our smart locks, sensors, and thermostats. These devices help with the remote monitoring of vacant homes while they are in the process of being toured to become occupied. This helps ease property management companies that their homes are safe, secured, and are ready to be rented out at any point.”

4. Boost Retention

Cultivate Loyalty to Increase Renewals

Resident retention hinges on cultivating loyalty. BeHome247 supports this by sending timely renewal reminders and offering enticing incentives to encourage residents to extend their stay. A proactive approach to renewals shows residents they are appreciated and encourages them to stay longer.

Alex Davis, the Marketing and Promotions Coordinator at HomeSource, says the ability to handle all of this through a single portal has significantly streamlined operations. “Multiple users have said how simple it’s been on our portal. There’s also a chat feature, which is super helpful. If people need to get in touch with us quickly, they can live chat with us, and we can troubleshoot everything just through the chat. Everything is done through the portal, and it’s so helpful.”

The Power of BeHome247: Tools for Resident Engagement

BeHome247 equips property managers with the tools and resources to optimize resident engagement throughout the entire journey. From the initial self-guided tours to the streamlined application process and ongoing communication, BeHome247 enhances every touchpoint, ensuring a seamless and positive resident experience.

By leveraging these tools, property managers can significantly improve resident retention rates, fostering long-term relationships and a thriving community.


In summary, if you are looking narrow the turn rate between residents and the best tools to help retain residents, empower them with self-guided tours, streamline application processes, nurture relationships through seamless move-ins and ongoing communication, and cultivate loyalty to boost renewals – look no further. By implementing these steps with the help of BeHome247, property managers can create a more engaging and satisfying resident journey.
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