How HomeSource Powers Their Business with BeHome247

Meet Alexis Davis. She’s the Marketing and Promotions Coordinator at HomeSource, a nationwide property manager with a portfolio of 4,000 single-family residential homes in some of the most desirable neighborhoods across the Southeastern United States. Alexis is also a longtime user (and fan) of BeHome247. When it comes to empowering efficiency, Davis has leveraged BeHome247’s smart technology in various ways—not only to address common pain points in property management but also to empower her to achieve unprecedented levels of success and efficiency. 

Because, frankly, that’s what’s required these days. In the evolving landscape of property management, digital transformation has become a cornerstone for operational success and efficiency. Here’s how BeHome247 stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering an operations platform implementation that has transformed how property management companies like HomeSource navigate their daily challenges. 

Challenges and Pain Points

Managing single-family residential properties involves many challenges, from handling maintenance requests to revising lease contracts and communicating with residents. Before BeHome247, the team at HomeSource grappled with these issues, often resulting in inefficiencies and setbacks. 

Davis says, “I’ve been using BeHome247 across all aspects of the tool, from self-touring and accounting to lease agreements and maintenance requests. It’s been a total game changer for us here at HomeSource.” 

This sentiment echoes the struggles many property managers face before embracing digital transformation. For insights into overcoming such challenges, we have some tips for a successful platform implementation

BeHome247 Features and Solutions

BeHome247’s platform stands out for its innovative tools and strategic solutions to common single-family residential property management challenges. For Davis, BeHome247 is in a league of its own.

“Coming from other rental companies and platforms we’ve used previously; it’s wild how much more user-friendly BeHome247 is.” This ease of use is critical in a field where time is of the essence, and operational efficiency can significantly impact the bottom line.

The platform offers a suite of features that address the core needs of property management. For Davis and her team, the ability to handle applications, leases, and maintenance requests through a single portal has streamlined operations significantly: “We live out of BeHome247 from beginning to end,” she says, highlighting the platform’s comprehensive approach to property management. “After using various other software, BeHome247 is the only solution to seamlessly integrate the self-touring feature straight into the leasing funnel–which is proving to help decrease the opportunity for fraud.”

The all-encompassing nature of BeHome247 and its transformative impact on property management are further explored in an insightful article on A New Era: Property Management’s Digital Transformation with BeHome247.

Seamless Onboarding

Transitioning to a new operations platform can be daunting. However, BeHome247 simplifies this process, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration. 

Davis shares her experience with the onboarding process: “For applications and leases, it’s super user-friendly. Multiple users have said how simple it’s been on our portal. When people want to schedule a self-guided tour, they can create an account, use the really specific and helpful filters, and then schedule a tour through the portal and fill out an application. Everything is done through the portal, and it’s so helpful.”

This ease of adoption is a testament to BeHome247’s commitment to user-centric design and support, making it a preferred choice for property management firms looking to digitize their operations. 

Training and Support

Beyond its features, BeHome247 distinguishes itself through comprehensive training and support. This aspect of the platform has been crucial for HomeSource, enabling them to maximize the benefits of BeHome247. 

Davis appreciates the platform’s responsiveness, especially the chat feature: “There’s also a chat feature which is super helpful. If people need to get in touch with us quickly, they can live-chat with us, and we can troubleshoot everything just through the chat.” 

This level of support ensures that property managers can effectively leverage the platform, regardless of their tech proficiency.

Final Word

As you consider enhancing your property management operations, staying informed about the industry is valuable. BeHome247 recommends checking out the Resources Hub for the latest insights and trends. 

For property management companies looking to navigate the complexities of their operations with ease and efficiency, BeHome247 offers a proven solution. Davis’s experience is a testament to the platform’s ability to transform property management practices. We invite you to explore how BeHome247 can revolutionize your approach to property management. Schedule a demo with BeHome247 today and embark on your journey towards operational excellence.

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