How to Improve the Guest Experience Today with Smart Technology

Five Star guest reviews may happen after a night’s stay, but they don’t happen overnight. Providing unrivaled service takes unequaled preparation as well as coordinating many moving parts. It also takes smarts. Smart technology to be exact.

In today’s competitive hospitality industry, many short-term property managers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and provide a more streamlined guest experience. And one of the best emerging ways to do so is by using smart technology.

At BeHome247, we love smart tech for its ability to sprinkle a little lagniappe into the guest experience. Lagniappe is a Cajun-French-inspired word that means ‘a little extra.’ It’s a common hospitality goal to turn an average guest experience into an amazing one. But let’s face it—sometimes, coordinating little chocolates to every room or a handwritten note isn’t always possible, especially during peak season. Sometimes, you could use a little help from your friends—aka, your smart tech devices.

Here are a few ways to build out automated lagniappes with BeHome247’s software, so delighting your guests is as easy as an easy button.

Build Out Your Guest Portal

Since most guests have smartphones and prefer to use them when traveling, why not give them more control over their stay by offering streamlined, interactive services like direct messaging, self-guided tours, remote check-in/out, and smart device availability during their stay?

A Guest Portal is a secure online platform that allows guests to access important information about their stay, communicate with property managers, and request services. The portal can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it easy for guests to stay connected and informed while they are away from home.

A Guest Portal includes a variety of features that can help short-term property managers improve the guest experience, including:

Check-In and Check-Out Instructions

The portal provides guests with clear and concise instructions on how to check in and check out of their property. This can help to reduce stress and confusion and make the arrival and departure process more efficient.

Property Information 

The portal includes detailed information about the property, such as amenities, rules, and contact information. This can help guests to get to know their surroundings and feel more comfortable during their stay.

Personalized Recommendations

A Guest Portal is also an excellent opportunity to further enhance the guest experience by providing relevant things to do and to make personalized recommendations for restaurants, activities, and other things to do in the area. This can help guests to make the most of their stay and have a more enjoyable experience.

Communication with Property Managers 

The portal provides a secure and convenient way for guests to communicate with property managers. This can be used to ask questions, request services, or report any problems.

Service Requests

Guests can use the portal to request services such as housekeeping, laundry, or repairs. This can help to ensure that guests’ needs are met promptly and efficiently.

The Guest Portal is a valuable tool that can help short-term property managers improve the guest experience. By providing guests with access to important information, communication tools, and service request options, the portal can help to make guests feel more comfortable, informed, and appreciated.

Use Thoughtful Notifications

By using automated notifications, property managers can stay on top of their properties and guests and ensure that they are providing a high level of service.

For example, you can highlight amenities and services with automated notifications that pique the interest of your guests. Let’s say you offer a bonfire on the terrace of the property every Friday night. Well, you can automate that reminder to them! It’s little thoughtful details like these that add up to a great overall experience.

Here are some of the benefits of using automated notifications from BeHome247:

Improved Efficiency

Automated notifications can help property managers save time by automating tasks such as confirming bookings, greeting guests, and collecting payments.

Reduced Errors

Automated notifications can help to reduce errors by ensuring that important information is communicated to the right people at the right time.

Improved Communication 

Automated notifications can help to improve communication between property managers and guests by providing a central location for guests to submit feedback and requests.

Increased Guest Satisfaction

Automated notifications can help to increase guest satisfaction by providing a smooth and seamless experience from booking to check-out.

If you are a property manager, BeHome247’s automated notifications can help you to improve your efficiency, reduce errors, improve communication, and increase guest satisfaction.

Build Automated Triggers

If guests can check in early, let them! Automated triggers are a great way to save time and improve efficiency. For example, if a unit becomes ready for check-in, your guests will automatically be pinged letting them know that they can check-in. Or maybe you want to turn on the lights remotely or open the garage door or turn down the thermostat. BeHome247’s automated triggers are a powerful tool that can be used to automate a variety of tasks, such as:

Sending Welcome Messages to Guests 

When a guest books a property, an automated trigger can be used to send them a welcome message. This message can include information about the property, the area, and any special instructions.

Reminder Messages to Guests

An automated trigger can be used to send reminder messages to guests about their upcoming stay. This can include information about check-in times, parking, and other important details.

Feedback Requests to Guests

After a guest checks out, an automated trigger can be used to send them a feedback request. This feedback can be used to improve the guest experience and the property.

Maintenance Requests to Contractors

When a maintenance issue is reported, an automated trigger can be used to send a request to a contractor. This can help to ensure that maintenance issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.


Smart technology can be a valuable tool for improving the guest experience. By using smart technology, short-term property managers can make their properties more convenient, personalized, and efficient. This can help attract more guests and improve the bottom line. Talk about a win-win!

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