Smart Devices Every Property Manager Should Have

Property managers in the hospitality and residential industries can streamline operations and impress tenants and guests with enterprise smart device management. Incorporating smart devices throughout vacation rental properties and residential developments allows managers to automate tasks, offer modern amenities, and enjoy energy savings. Smart device technology is how modern property managers stand apart from the competition.  

Plus, managing smart technology at the enterprise level has never been easier. So if you’re thinking, “how will I manage all of this new technology without overloading my team?” we have you covered. Read on to learn about our must-have smart devices for property managers and how to manage all of them without increasing labor costs. (Seriously!)

Smart Locks 

Smart locks are a modern and evolving technology that allows property managers to control property access remotely and securely. 

Smart lock devices eliminate the need for physical keys and incorporate built-in security features by allowing property managers to assign access codes individually. With unique access codes, vacation rental properties are more secure than ever. Vendors, staff, and emergency personnel have dedicated access codes to monitor property access carefully. When paired with BeHome247 technology, vacationers will enjoy a seamless remote check-in process as property managers can deliver their access code via text or in the dedicated guest app as soon as the property has been cleaned and inspected.

Further, residential property managers can streamline the self-touring process with prospective buyers and tenants with hands-free access. Self-touring is safe and secure with BeHome247 by facilitating background checks, leveraging facial recognition software, and setting expiration limits on access codes to ensure the right person is entering the property at the right time.

By leveraging smart lock technology, property managers save time in their schedules while providing a hassle-free experience to customers. Additionally, smart locks add an extra layer of security compared to standard locks. Property managers, tenants, and guests are all provided more peace of mind with smart locks. 

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats give property managers complete visibility and control over energy costs, maintenance, and general thermostat upkeep. 

Property managers can manually control or automate the temperature of each property remotely without sacrificing time, money, or energy savings. While guests and residents will continue to be able to change settings to suit their needs, property managers can implement settings remotely to control the temperature when the property is vacant and pre-set temperature schedules for when the property is occupied. 

Smart thermostats, like Honeywell wifi-enabled thermostats, are necessary for property managers who want to take advantage of energy savings and provide the best possible experience for residents and guests.  


Smart sensors detect changes in the home environment, operating as an added layer of protection for unforeseen damages and emergencies. 

Smart sensors provide the property manager with alerts about any variable that may be putting the property at risk. For example, Z-Wave sensors can detect water, smoke, and motion while also managing the windows/doors. They will even alert you if the AC is running or a window is open, essential knowledge for maintaining energy costs and security for unoccupied properties. Companies like NoiseAware measure outdoor noise, giving property managers protection and peace of mind without having to physically be there. 

Smart Lights

Automated smart lights are ideal for property managers on the go, making energy management seamless and helping curate a welcoming atmosphere through schedules and motion detection. 

Ensure lights are turned on before self-guided tours, property hallways illuminate when motion is detected, or lights are automatically turned off upon check out. With smart lights, property managers can design a welcoming environment through automation while simultaneously strengthening the property’s safety and security with motion detection. 


Smart alarms are an excellent way to secure an entire property, vacant units within that property, or specific areas that need to be monitored for safety, such as pools. 

Pool door alarms are top of mind for property managers in Florida and other states that may require alarms for all doors that provide access to a pool. Pool door alarms provide immediate notification to guests and residents on-site but can also notify property managers remotely for awareness. 

Safety and security are a top priority for residents and guests alike, and smart alarms allow property managers to offer an added layer of security that can be managed remotely without investing in additional security personnel on-site. 

EV Charging Station

With electric vehicles expected to make up 45% of new car sales by 2035, EV charging stations are necessary for attracting EV drivers to your property. 

For vacation rental property managers and hotels, EV charging stations may seem like a novel amenity now, but this unique amenity will attract eco-conscious and affluent travelers who drive EV or hybrid vehicles to get to their destination. Having EV charging stations on-site—whether at an individual vacation home, a condominium, or a hotel—allows guests to charge their car as they would at home; no more traveling to the nearest public charging station on vacation. 

Apartment complexes and residential developments should offer conveniently placed EV charging stations throughout the property, allowing residents to charge their cars from the comfort of home.  

Once installed, EV charging stations require minimal maintenance when operated through a third-party provider like OK2Charge and managed within the BeHome247 dashboard, along with all your property’s other smart technology. 

BeHome247: Seamless Enterprise Smart Device Management 

BeHome247 partners with industry-leading hardware and software providers to make enterprise smart device management seamless and efficient. Through a single, easy-to-use platform, property managers have complete visibility and control over every connected device. 

Modern technology isn’t the way of the future; it’s what guests and residents expect today. Are you ready to level up your technology with smart devices? BeHome247 is here to bring you an all-encompassing solution to leverage each piece of smart technology to work for you. If you’re ready to get started, schedule a free demo with us today!

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