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As the parent company of igloohome and iglooworks, igloo is a leading smart access solutions provider, offering powerful software and hardware tools for a varied customer base. One key focus propels their mission: to create a world without keys and build smart ecosystems for properties worldwide.  While iglooworks manages locks at scale, igloohome offers padlocks, lock boxes, and accessories that deliver safe, reliable, and convenient access solutions for wide-ranging property management needs. An extensive network of robust partnerships and a diverse product line sold in over 100 countries are just a few reasons this Singapore-based company is an industry frontrunner. 

With a shared commitment to pioneering advanced technological solutions that prioritize security and streamline access control for property managers, the BeHome247 and igloohome integration marks a significant step towards revolutionizing the property management landscape. Through this powerful collaboration, mutual clients gain unparalleled control and efficiency in secure property access while offering a hassle-free experience for guests and residents.

The Inception of igloohome

With origins in 2015, igloohome arose to keep up with the rapid turnover of rental apartments. Making fast-moving properties easily accessible became increasingly challenging as physical keys were traditionally manually delivered. Inconvenient and time-consuming, the process caused delays and inconveniences for property managers, guests, and residents. A need arose to swiftly and securely grant access to guests promptly. What followed is a suite of award-winning keyless access solutions designed for smarter living.

Features and Benefits

Sleek in appearance, highly durable, and packed with smart features, igloohome’s smart door locks effortlessly mount on various surfaces, be it wood, glass, or metal. Connecting seamlessly to property management software and third-party vacation rental platforms, including Airbnb,, Booking Sync, and AgodaHomes, igloohome offers a versatile, secure solution for residential and hospitality property managers. Plus, igloohome’s range of smart door locks work offline, ensuring uninterrupted access even without Wi-Fi connectivity.

“With the integration of igloohome and BeHome247, property managers now have the power to generate time duration pincodes effortlessly without connectivity. This game-changing feature not only reduces operational costs, but eliminates the need for a Wi-Fi connection during a self-showing and untenanted phase,” says Paul Hoggard, Head of Integrations and Partnerships, igloo.

Cutting-Edge Technology 

igloohome allows users to grant time-sensitive access to properties through unique PIN codes or Bluetooth keys via algoPIN™ technology. After installation, simply pair the lock via an app on your smartphone. Once paired, the smartphone will sync the unique PIN to secure cloud servers, generating a unique PIN code to share with recipients via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more. 

Tailored to diverse property management needs, igloohome offers duration PIN codes designed to accommodate various access requirements—be it one time, recurring, or permanent. Whether facilitating entry for guests and residents staying on the grounds, granting limited access to maintenance crew members for repairs, or providing one-time access for other service providers conducting annual inspections, igloohome eliminates the need for physical keys while offering enhanced reliability and security.

“It’s a reliable, robust, and scalable solution that revolutionizes the way property managers operate,” says Hoggard.

Innovative Access Solutions

Driven to redefine conventional access solutions, igloohome offers groundbreaking innovations that embody this commitment. The Key Box 3 emerges as a testament to this ethos, an electronic lockbox offering seamless integration of smart lock security features without requiring a complete lock replacement. Controlled remotely and used in various applications, the Key Box 3 provides a viable alternative for challenging door setups where a typical smart lock might not be suitable. It’s also ideal for property managers who prefer to stick with traditional hard keys or those who may not be ready to upgrade to smart locks. Its intuitive functionality ensures a smooth and secure access experience, catering to those seeking a convenient yet familiar approach to property access control.

Weather and scratch-resistant, the Key Box 3 is larger than most lockboxes, with up to 50% more storage. Its durable construction and storage capacity make it an optimal choice for safely storing keys, access cards, car key fobs, and other essentials. Its versatility extends further with easy installation options—fitting on doorknobs or mounted on mixed surfaces—promising 24/7 reception and offline functionality, delivering reliable access rain or shine.

Offering secure sharing with two methods of access: PIN codes for one-time or regular use or Bluetooth for time-sensitive access, the Key Box 3 readily caters to different user preferences, ensuring streamlined access for various needs and situations. 

Smart Living Through Collaboration

By providing technologically advanced, secure, and user-friendly solutions that cater to the evolving needs of property managers, igloohome has carved a niche in the smart home and property access industry. Reinventing traditional access methods, igloohome’s suite of smart locks and key boxes, remote access management, and advanced security features offer unparalleled safety and control. 

This strategic integration between BeHome247 and igloohome exemplifies a mutual dedication to enhancing user experiences and operations efficiency within the property management sphere. Collaborating to provide users with a more comprehensive smart access and property management solution, BeHome247 and igloohome are working together to improve and expand a new era of smart living.

A Special Offer from BeHome247 and igloohome

There’s no better time to embrace the convenience, security, and flexibility this cutting-edge technology can bring to property managers of all types. Reach out to our team for specialty pricing on the Smart Keybox 3. But hurry, you don’t want to miss this chance to redefine access control and unlock a new era of property management!

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