How Property Managers Stay Ahead of the Game with Emerging Technology

Just as having the right team in place can lead to stellar reviews, having the right tools in place can significantly impact the property management experience. Fortunately, smart devices and interconnected systems are changing how we work and live, and that’s a win for residential property managers. Streamlining the leasing process, enhancing security, and reducing energy usage are just a few ways smart technology can empower property management teams to provide a higher level of service for prospects and residents. Better still, they can do it all remotely.

If you’re looking for some tech-savvy property management solutions that help convert prospects to residents, elevate the resident experience, and help you work smarter, not harder, you came to the right place. Read on for a few tips to modernize your operations with smart technology.

Offer Self-Guided Tours

Property tours are integral to leasing, but organizing and conducting them takes time and typically results in low conversion rates. Scheduling complexities, time constraints, and communication are all challenging enough, then some prospects don’t even show up. Self-guided tours are an excellent option, reducing the number of no-shows and eliminating the need for property managers to be present at every tour. With BeHome247’s self-guided tour software, it’s easy to offer this valuable tool, benefitting property managers and prospects alike! 

Benefits for Property Managers

Adapting to the evolving preferences of potential residents has its challenges, but property managers can easily create optimal tour experiences with self-guided tours. Identity verification and key codes expedite processes, while the ability to remotely adjust the temperature and lights before the tour begins creates a welcoming environment for all who enter. Plus, incorporating easy-to-install, integrated technology saves time, empowers leasing teams, and results in more signed leases.

Save Time and Resources

With no need to coordinate schedules, no need to be physically present, and no possibility of double bookings, self-guided tours offer the perfect solution, saving time and resources for property management teams. Quick and easy scheduling means fewer interruptions in the day, and time traditionally spent coordinating and conducting in-person tours can be reserved for other tasks, including answering prospect questions, processing applications, and managing move-ins and move-outs.

Empower Leasing Agents 

Streamlining the tour experience empowers leasing agents, enhancing their efficiency, reach, and effectiveness. Enabling them to accommodate a broader range of potential renters without the constraints imposed by traditional guided tours, their chances of finding the right resident at each property improve dramatically.

Increase Conversion Rates

The expanded leasing hours self-guided tours provide lets prospects tour properties after regular business hours and on weekends, expanding the prospect pool. They can even tour a property several times a day rather than schedule another viewing later in the week, expediting the leasing process.

Benefits for Prospects

Offering prospects the tour experience they’re looking for begins with understanding their preferences and needs. Increasingly, that includes a contactless experience that lets them independently tour properties when and how they choose without the pressure to sign a lease immediately, another benefit of self-guided tours. 


Prospects will appreciate property managers willing to accommodate their busy schedules by offering tour time options. All they have to do then is select a date and time that works best and access the property via keyless entry


Self-guided tours offer prospects a comfortable and discreet viewing experience with minimal disruptions for current residents. Designated parameters restrict prospects to certain areas, giving them the privacy they need while maintaining a safe, secure environment for existing residents.


Self-guided tours give potential residents the freedom to move about, explore, and assess the property on their terms, free of encounters with others interested in the same property. Giving them time to linger in spaces, envision themselves in the rooms, and even measure for furnishings will make them feel more comfortable in the environment.

Incorporate Smart Devices

Smart devices can be used in various ways to help property managers increase efficiency, improve security, and reduce operational costs. 

Smart Locks

With robust security features, including unique access codes and digital keys, smart locks reduce the risk of unauthorized entry. They also eliminate the need for physical keys and their associated problems, including lost, copied, or stolen keys. With smart locks, it’s easy to grant access remotely to residents, temporary visitors, contractors, and maintenance workers as needed, set access times and locations, then deactivate upon departure.

Smart Thermostats, Lights, and Sensors

Smart thermostats, lights, and sensors optimize energy consumption and positively impact operating costs. With remote control temperature and automated scheduling, smart thermostats optimize heating and cooling based on occupancy and time of day. Sensors can detect vacant units and adjust energy usage accordingly, and lights can be turned off remotely when not in use, significantly reducing utility costs.

Smart Alarms

Smart alarms help property managers proactively address security threats and stay ahead of potential risks, a crucial property management component. Real-time monitoring detects fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and leaks, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents while protecting assets long-term.

Smart Solutions with BeHome247

In today’s competitive market, property managers who adopt smart solutions are at an advantage, saving time and money, improving efficiency, and providing better experiences for prospects and residents. Ready to work smarter with BeHome247? Schedule a demo today and check out our Resources Hub for additional property management tips!

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