Save Time & Money: Our Top Automations for Property Managers

Whether you’re dealing with residential or short-term rentals, there are two arch goals for successful property management: efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The power of automation is undeniable in both these realms. With it, property managers can complete tasks quicker, reduce manual errors, and improve resident satisfaction—all while saving time and money. 

Although short-term and residential property managers cater to different audiences, property management automation saves time and money for both, with a few distinct differences.

For Residential Property Managers

For residential property managers, attracting prospects and keeping current residents happy is priority number one, and automation is an excellent tool for doing so. Here are a few areas where it can help.

Streamlined Self-Guided Tours

As we’ve discussed before, self-guided tours are revolutionizing the property management sector. But what’s the secret behind their seamless functionality? Automation, of course! 

With it, you can utilize smart devices to create a personalized and welcoming atmosphere, everything from lights coming on as prospects enter to the temperature set just right. BeHome247’s enterprise smart control software makes automating these devices a breeze, enhancing the touring experience while you manage everything from a dashboard.

Self-guided tours offer a convenient, modern solution for potential residents and, through automation, enable property managers to show vacancies to more people

Resident Management

One of the most time-consuming tasks for property managers? Application screening. Automation can take this from an analog headache to a smooth and standardized process in no time. You can manage background checks, store essential documentation, and even send out timely notifications for every application milestone.

What about rent and lease renewals? Automate these too! With functionalities like recurring rent invoicing, late payment tracking, and electronic record-keeping, you can also generate reminders for lease renewals and updates.

For seamless communication, integrate with messaging platforms such as BeHome247’s Resident Connect app, so your residents can communicate through channels they are comfortable with.

Maintenance Requests

The fastest way to lose the trust of your residents is to forget about them. Without property management automation, this happens all too often. Maybe it’s a phone call about a faucet leak, or a text message about a cracked tile. These things have a way of, well, slipping through the cracks.

That becomes a thing of the past with automation. With an all-in-one centralized platform, residents can submit maintenance requests. Property managers can see them all in one place and assign them to appropriate vendors. Both parties can then track and manage through to completion with real-time updates. In the age of always-on information, transparency is paramount to a successful long-term relationship with a resident.

For Short Term Property Managers

For short-term property managers, automation is like a trusty sidekick. Using software to automate routine tasks isn’t just smart; it’s crucial. Save time. Save money. Save effort. Automation offers a cost-effective solution to a robust variety of your short-term property management needs. 

Here are a few ways in particular that automation can help short-term property managers.

Guest Communication

When it comes to guest relations, communication is key. BeHome247’s Guest Connect app provides a platform for you to send customized automated messages. From a warm welcome email with all the check-in details, tips on local attractions, and even a farewell message asking for reviews, property management automation ensures that your guests are well-informed throughout their stay. 

You can set triggers for these messages based on various conditions, such as booking confirmation or time left to check out, ensuring timely and relevant communication. Automated surveys post-stay can give you vital insights into what guests love and what can be improved—turning their feedback into actionable steps for continuous service improvement.

Task Management

Being efficient in task management is non-negotiable in short-term property management. Here’s how BeHome247’s suite of automation tools can make your operations smooth and effective:

  • Maintenance and Work Orders: With an automated system, gone are the days of manual tracking and assignment of maintenance tasks. The platform lets you prioritize work orders, auto-assign them to the appropriate vendors, and send real-time status updates to your team and guests. Additionally, it integrates with inventory management systems to automatically reorder essential maintenance supplies when low, reducing any downtime in service.
  • Remote Check-In: Why make your guests wait in line at a front desk when they could easily check in using their smartphones? With BeHome247’s property management automation capabilities, guests receive a unique digital key or code before arrival, bypassing traditional check-in procedures, enhancing guest convenience, and freeing up your staff for more personalized guest interactions.
  • Housekeeping Technology: Cleaning and preparing rooms for the next guest is a time-sensitive task. Generate automated housekeeping schedules as soon as a guest checks out, notifying the cleaning staff instantly. With real-time updates on the cleaning status, you can also inform awaiting guests when their rooms are ready for occupancy, providing an extra layer of convenience.
  • Smart Device Control: From controlling the room temperature to ensuring security with smart locks, automation can significantly elevate the guest experience. BeHome247’s smart device control integrates seamlessly with a range of devices. Program lights to turn on as guests arrive or set heating and cooling systems to optimal temperatures based on outside weather conditions, making guests comfortable and saving you money on utility bills.

Property management automation is crucial for long-term success—for long-term and short-term rentals alike! Smart devices provide a layer of safety and comfort for your residents and guests and streamline every touchpoint of communication to ensure a transparent and time-saving experience for everyone. If you could benefit from more streamlined business processes, schedule a demo today to automate your property management operations with BeHome247!

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