Sustainability & Environmental Impact: How Property Managers are Going Green with BeHome247

If you’re keeping up with emerging property management trends, you know that guests and residents are increasingly searching for properties incorporating sustainable practices. 

As consumers opt for brands that resonate with their values, property managers are looking for ways to make their properties more sustainable, and they quickly realize one thing. 

Emphasizing conservation and green alternatives is no longer just a consideration but crucial for the long-term success of vacation rental, multi-family, and single-family home operators. 

Those maintaining a steady focus on sustainability will quickly distinguish their property portfolios from the rest of the pack, help reduce their carbon footprint and go a long way toward meaningful change. Property managers seeking a competitive edge can start small or go big; here are a few of our top suggestions to have a positive environmental impact today.

Small Changes Make Big Differences

Environmental responsibility doesn’t have to be complicated, and incorporating renewable, recycled, and sustainable materials when possible can make a significant difference. Property managers of all types, even those with limited budgets, can make small changes and modest investments to reduce their carbon footprint.

Switching from incandescent bulbs to LEDs is a good start. Utilizing less energy than standard bulbs, they illuminate properties comparably, last longer, and produce less heat. Replacing single-use plastics with reusable dispensers for liquid soap and other toiletry items and recycling cardboard, paper, bottles, and cans will reduce landfill waste.

Replacing HVAC systems as they reach the end of their useful life with energy-efficient models help the environment and improve indoor air quality, creating a healthier and more pleasant environment for residents or guests, and employees alike. Further, replacing toilets, faucets, dishwashers, and washing machines with energy-saving models will also prove beneficial. And even using drought-resistance plants in your landscaping will conserve resources while cutting costs.

Energy Reduction through Smart Devices

Offering sustainable solutions through technology is another way to innovate the guest experience, bringing property managers one step closer to greener properties. Incorporating smart devices not only provides energy-efficient solutions to help with predictive maintenance and repairs, but they can also make your guests or residents feel more comfortable and secure. 

“Tailored operations platforms like BeHome247 provide many benefits to reduce energy consumption. With BeHome247, you can replace four or five independent point solutions with one system that works with your existing property management software,” says Peter Gudmundsson, Chief Executive Officer of BeHome247.

BeHome247 offers an array of home automation devices that streamline operations, save money, and have a positive environmental impact. Thermostats help moderate temperatures, and smart lights reduce energy usage, both highly beneficial when regulating unoccupied units. Access control monitoring ensures windows and doors are closed when air conditioning and heat are running, reducing utility expenses. Smart sensors for water leak detection prevent excessive water use and lower water bills, offering notifications to help prevent water damage.

“The BeHome247 system provides real-time home temperature in the dashboard, sending us an alert if the temperatures go outside of the set parameters ensuring we can proactively take action in the event of HVAC system malfunction,” says Glen Kaiser, owner of Kaiser Vacation Rentals.

Setting the tone for positive guest experiences, BeHome247 offers an automation to preselect a welcome temperature before guests arrive, ensuring comfortable vacation homes. Customizable to suit individual property management needs, BeHome247’s installation process is efficient and fast, from delivery of devices to fully operational in hours. When property managers discover the benefits of BeHome247’s smart devices and operations platform, the path to sustainability becomes much clearer.   

“As soon as we secured our first home at Kaiser Vacation Rentals, we added BeHome247 smart keypad locks, thermostats, and light switches. We incorporate the devices when adding new homes to our management portfolio as soon as possible. We’re also installing OK2Charge EV chargers too,” says Kaiser.

Embracing Sustainable Transportation 

With EV prices decreasing and more models now available, sustainable transportation is rising. Requiring less maintenance and eco-friendly, zero-emission vehicles are becoming mainstream. But when owners consider long trips, they understandably get nervous about charging points. Although often found near entertainment areas and attractions, mapping out public charging stations requires extensive planning, and the extra charging time needed for long trips can be inconvenient. Integrating with BeHome247’s energy management capabilities, OK2Charge’s smart charging network helps property managers attract this ever-growing population segment. 

“Until you’ve picked up an EV at the rental counter and arrived at your vacation destination only to find you need to go back to a charging station ten miles away, it’s difficult to understand the pain, says Eric Broughton, Chief Executive Officer of OK2Charge

Property managers will also see an increase in efficiency and revenue by providing this increasingly sought-after amenity in their vacation rentals, multi-family properties, and single-family homes. Faster and cheaper than other options and easily installed by an electrician, users can fully charge small vehicle batteries in as few as four hours and large vehicle batteries in less than 10 hours, letting guests and tenants charge while they sleep. The investment pays for itself in more ways than one, making listings more attractive and distinguishing property managers with a unique, sustainable value-added amenity.

“Aside from the additional stays the amenity brings, we have multiple clients that expect an ROI of one to one and a half years of payback because they can charge the guest by the day or by the usage,” says Broughton.

Integrating with the top property management systems, OK2Charge can coordinate payment for charging sessions in advance. They also work with property managers to ensure listings reflect the value of the EV charging amenity, publish listings on EV charging sites to create organic bookings, and plant a tree for every charge. 

Moving Toward a Sustainable Future

Whether property managers opt to make small changes or adopt entirely new systems, implementing sustainable practices and choosing green alternatives will ensure guests and residents understand a commitment and shared goal to save our natural resources. It will also long way to help preserve the environment for future generations. 

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