Automation and the Human Touch

In the not-so-distant past, property management tasks were primarily tangible, from using physical keys to access properties to manually processing paperwork. Repetitive and time-consuming, they depleted the energy and resources required to deliver meaningful care to guests. Today, guest standards are even higher, with keyless access, self-service alternatives, and personalized experiences ranking among top expectations. As staffing demands have changed and the industry continues to surge, so does the pressure to maintain unparalleled guest experiences while managing operational efficiency. 

How do you free up your staff’s time so they can focus on their jobs? 

Short-term property managers who embrace a digital shift are turning the page on this dated narrative. And this transformation isn’t just about keeping up with the times; it’s a strategic move to prioritize personalized and seamless guest experiences. Automation is rewriting the property management script, telling a new story of efficiency and elevated guest satisfaction. Here’s how to transition and place exceptional guest care at center stage.

Opportunities with Automation

Behind the scenes, short-term property management is a dynamic orchestration. The constant juggling act of communicating with staff and guests and coordinating maintenance and housekeeping schedules is never-ending. Yet these efforts are the backbone of successful and efficient property management, ensuring guests enjoy a memorable stay without hiccups.

Automation tools and software solutions can be pivotal in orchestrating these complex dynamics, enabling property management teams to work cohesively, share information effortlessly, and collectively contribute to elevated operational success. 

“Automating daily inter-office communication for guest check-out, cleaning and maintenance needs, and property readiness for guests is a significant advantage. BeHome247 efficiently manages guest communications with just the tap of a button. Without this automation, the process would require calls or group text messages, which could easily get lost among other texts,” says Jeremy Clayton, Director of Revenue Operations, Padre Escapes Vacation Rentals.

These time-saving processes also provide opportunities for enhanced guest experiences, from seamless check-ins to personalized services, fostering loyalty, repeat visits, and positive reviews. Here are just a few opportunities automation presents to short-term property managers:

  • Streamlined communication – Disseminate information quickly through automated messaging systems, alerts, and notifications, reducing response times and enhancing communication with guests, staff, and service teams.
  • Standardized practices –  Reduce errors and promote efficiency, compliance, and a seamless experience through uniform protocols.
  • Shared knowledge base – Store and exchange critical information in a centralized repository for easy access.
  • Coordinated decision-making – Facilitate collaboration with shared platforms and communication channels.
  • Tracking progress – Provide visibility to monitor, analyze, and communicate with necessary parties throughout each step.
  • Swift issue resolution – Initiate predefined workflows by automatically assigning tasks, notifying responsible parties, and receiving real-time alerts to facilitate resolution

When short-term property managers embrace automated processes, they redefine their engagement with guests, transforming routine communications into seamless experiences, something Glen Kaiser, Owner of Kaiser Vacation Rentals, can attest to.

“BeHome247 messaging sends messages for various triggers, like gap night sales. Guests get messages automatically when an earlier arrival or an extended stay is possible. ‘Ready for Arrival’ triggers a message to guests that their vacation home is ready, and they can go directly to the property to begin their vacation. The system stages the home with lights and thermostat adjustments to welcome the guest automatically. All these automations save staff time and give the guest a feeling of being connected to us. Happy guests make a happy staff!”

Automation Benefits

By embracing technology, short-term property managers can streamline daily processes and redundant tasks, saving time and resources while providing a more seamless experience.

“Automation frees up time, enabling better service to guests and property owners. It liberates staff from repetitive tasks and allows for quicker responses to urgent matters or those requiring a personal touch. By automating routine processes, we can focus on delivering exceptional experiences and personalized attention. This, in turn, fosters stronger relationships and enhances overall satisfaction of guests and owners, ultimately leading to improved business performance,” says Clayton.

The transformative impact on daily operations with automation goes far beyond time savings, offering a wealth of benefits, including: 

  • Increased efficiency – Boost productivity by streamlining repetitive tasks and reducing the manual workload, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.
  • Improved productivity – Expedite maintenance requests, reduce equipment downtime, and automate guest notifications and updates to save time and resources.
  • Greater accuracy – Validate data and reduce errors that occur in manual execution.
  • Full transparency – Gain task visibility, minimizing delays and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Reports and analytics – Assess system performance and guest satisfaction through comprehensive reports, then adjust to align with changing needs and industry trends.

Property managers can also leverage these streamlined processes to minimize potential disruptions for guests while saving owners money.

“BeHome247 offers notifications that can alert the staff when something may not be working, like HVAC that gives us a chance to address before it affects the guest or costs the owner more if not made aware of sooner rather than later. It also allows the staff to stay proactive rather than reactive, which is a much more comfortable position to be in as they go about their day,” says Kaiser.

Where to Begin

Start by evaluating the existing workflows, identifying repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and understanding the pain points in the current processes. Prioritize areas that can benefit most from automation, such as routine communications, maintenance requests, housekeeping, and more. Your staff will then be able to reclaim their time, empowering them to deliver superior service.

“Automation gives staff their time back, which gives them the ability to serve our guests and property owners better,” says Clayton.

Focus on the Guest Experience

Once free of administrative chores, teams can dedicate more time to personalized guest interactions and ensure a seamless stay. Clear and timely communication, access to user-friendly guest portals, and offering seamless check-in and check-out experiences are just a few ways to enhance the guest experience.

“Guest Connect offers answers and information about the property and the area for guests at their fingertips on their mobile devices rather than calling and asking for that information. All this is a convenience that the guest truly likes and saves the staff from answering the same questions multiple times a day from guest phone calls,” says Kaiser.

Whether you aim to offer thoughtful amenities and concierge services or invest in sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives that guests increasingly demand, your staff can focus on what matters most with automation. 

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