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BeHome247 + LMPM Integration Overview

Lightmaker Property Manager (LMPM) is a next-generation property manager software with a rich feature set. Offering customizable websites, payment processing, channel distribution, and more, LMPM simplifies bookings, offering hassle-free pre-authorizations, payment processing, and security deposit management. By integrating with BeHome247’s SaaS-based unifying operations management platform, users can access real-time trust accounting, best-in-class reservations management, and enterprise-grade operations, all merged into one. 

Together, BeHome247 and LMPM provide an end-to-end solution for property managers of all shapes and sizes, offering an exceptional user experience and a customizable, scalable property management solution. 

Use BeHome247 with LMPM to:

Automate Maintenance Workflows

Manage Housekeeping

Guest Portal Communication

“The LMPM and BeHome247 integration combines real-time trust accounting, best-in-class reservations handling, and powerful booking websites with a robust, enterprise-grade operations and guest experience platform. The Holy Grail solution unlocks the best of both worlds so you can level up your business.”
– Sean Raftree, VP of Business Development at LMPM

Integration Benefits:

Enhanced Interoperability

Powerful integrations transfer information seamlessly in real-time, eliminating data silos, expediting information flow, and enhancing productivity.

Flexible Customizations

A robust suite of hardware and software providers offers users options, flexibility, and personalization tailored to specific needs and specifications.

Reduced Operational Costs

Lean operations eliminate redundancies, expedite processes, and optimize resources, maximizing efficiency and reducing operational expenses.

Powerful Trust Accounting

Cutting-edge tools provide swift and secure account processing, revenue tracking, and month-end reconciliation, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

BeHome247 Accessibility

BeHome247 features access, including smart device connectivity, self-guided tours, guest and resident messaging, and more, simplifying operations and elevating the consumer experience.

Learn how you can benefit from the LMPM and BeHome247 partnership!

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