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BeHome247 + igloohome Integration Overview

With a commitment to creating a world without keys and building smart ecosystems for properties worldwide, igloohome remains a frontrunner in smart access solutions. Through its comprehensive suite of powerful tools, including padlocks, lock boxes, and accessories, this industry frontrunner readily addresses one of property managers’ biggest concerns—security. 

Safe, reliable, and convenient, smart door locks connect seamlessly to property management software and third-party vacation rental platforms, streamlining and simplifying operations.

Cutting-edge technology allows users to grant time-sensitive access to properties through unique PIN codes or Bluetooth keys via algoPINTM technology. Reinventing traditional access methods, igloohome’s suite of smart locks and key boxes, remote access management, and advanced security features offer unparalleled safety and control.

BeHome247 and igloohome are revolutionizing the property management landscape for shared customers, offering unparalleled control and efficiency in secure property access.

Reach out to our team for specialty pricing on the Smart Keybox 3. You don’t want to miss this chance to redefine access control and unlock a new era of property management!

Use BeHome247 with igloohome to:

Designate access time durations - one-time, recurring, or permanent

Utilize electronic lockboxes

Access products offline with no need for Wi-Fi connectivity

With the integration of igloohome and BeHome247, property managers now have the power to generate time duration pincodes effortlessly without connectivity. This game-changing feature not only reduces operational costs, but eliminates the need for a Wi-Fi connection during a self-showing and untenanted phase. It’s a reliable, robust, and scalable solution that revolutionizes the way property managers operate.”

Paul Hoggard, Head of Integrations and Partnerships at igloo.

Integration Benefits:

  • PIN codes eliminate the need for physical keys and provide easy access.
  • Portable and easily programmable, durable lockboxes move from unit to unit.
  • Door locks easily mount on wood, glass, or metal, readily adapting to user needs.
  • Lock boxes offer seamless integration of smart lock security features, easy installation options, and 24/7 reception.

Smart lock systems enable remote PIN code management, allowing users to create, change, or revoke access codes from anywhere via a smartphone app.

  • PIN codes with time limitations offer access during specific periods and automatically expire afterward, enhancing security. 
  • Activity logs offer accountability and secure monitoring with details on who accessed the property and when.

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