Is Contactless Check-In Really Better than Face-to-Face Check-In?

How do your guests want to check-in?

Thanks to the pandemic, contactless check-in is becoming the norm. Guests now expect an easy and seamless digital check-in experience. They don’t want to wait in line or extend their travel time for hours just to check in. Instead, guests want to get right to their vacation without the hassle of face-to-face check-in.

So, is contactless check-in better than a great face-to-face check-in experience? That’s what we’ll discuss in this post. To get started, let’s take a look at whether guests prefer contactless check-in.

Do guests prefer contactless or face-to-face check-in?

While guests of years past may have preferred face-to-face check-in, most of today’s guests want contactless check-in.

According to a recent survey, 90% of guests prefer to stay in accommodations with a mobile app to manage check-in and their stay. 49% of guests say their vacation rental choice is influenced by high-tech check-in amenities. If you don’t offer contactless check-in, you’ll struggle to attract these guests. 46% of guests also say mobile check-in is a crucial amenity they want to see in their vacation rental.

Additionally, a traditional face-to-face check-in process can hurt guest satisfaction. A check-in wait time of just 5 minutes can reduce guest satisfaction by 50%. With contactless check-in, guests never have to wait to check in – resulting in happier guests who leave glowing reviews.

Most guests want the option of contactless check-in, making it a must-have amenity for vacation rentals.

Why do guests prefer contactless check-in?

Guests clearly prefer having the option for contactless check-in. Why? Here are the top reasons guests want contactless check-in:

Eliminate check-in-related travel and wait time

One reason guests want a contactless check-in experience is that it saves time. Traditional check-in requires guests to travel to a check-in location, wait to check in, and then travel back to their rental.

Ron Whitfield, President/Partner of Scenic Stays, recalls, “Before we implemented contactless check-in, we had a family who had to sit in traffic for 45 minutes to go to a front desk, stand in line for 20 minutes to check in on a busy check-in day, and get back in their car to drive 45 minutes back to their rental.”

With contactless check-in, guests don’t have to sit through traffic or travel to check in or wait in line. Instead, they can go straight to their rental and check in with a key code. Guests prefer contactless check-in because it saves them time and hassle.

Get property info ahead of time

Face-to-face check-in can bombard guests with property info after they’re already worn out from travel. With traditional check-in, guests have to absorb everything they need to know about the property (like directions, how to access amenities, and contact info) during check-in. This makes it easy to forget important info – resulting in a negative guest experience.

Contactless check-in allows you to send property info to guests when they reserve their stay. Guests can go over property directions, amenity info, contact information, and more at their pace. That way, guests can remember everything they need to have a great vacation.

Increase flexibility

Guests also prefer contactless check-in because it provides more flexibility. With face-to-face check-in, guests have to check in during office hours. If a guest’s room is ready that day but they won’t arrive until after office hours, guests have to wait until the next day to check in.

In contrast, contactless check-in allows guests to check in as soon as their room is ready – even if they arrive outside of office hours. By offering this flexibility, you can create the experience guests want – leading to repeat stays and five-star reviews.

Why should you offer contactless check in?

Guests now prefer contactless check-in. But, what benefits could you see from contactless check-in? Here are the top reasons you should offer contactless check in:

Improve the guest experience

The first reason you should offer contactless check-in is that it improves the guest experience. Guests want a seamless, digital check-in experience. Contactless check-in helps you provide the experience, flexibility, and convenience guests want – leading to higher guest satisfaction, better reviews, and more business.

Ron Whitfield, President/Partner of Scenic Stays, says, “Contactless check-in really improves the guest experience. Guests don’t have to worry about anything. They already have all the information they need for their stay and check-in. Everything’s taken care of.”

Increase efficiency

Another reason to offer contactless check-in is that it increases efficiency. With face-to-face check-in, your team has to manually give guests all the info they need, process payment, provide keys, and more. This is time-consuming for your team and keeps them from focusing on higher-value tasks.

With contactless check-in software, the software can automatically send guests property info, process payment, provide a key code, and more. Contactless check-in frees up your team to focus on important tasks like attracting more guests, creating an outstanding experience, and generating more revenue.

Contactless check-in with BeHome247

Today’s guests prefer contactless check-in. It eliminates wait and travel time, increases flexibility, and provides all the info guests need ahead of time. Contactless check-in can also help you create a great guest experience and increase team efficiency. It’s no wonder that so many vacation rental properties are adopting contactless check-in.

If you want the best contactless check-in software, BeHome247 is the way to go. BeHome247 can automatically send guests welcome info and let them know when their unit is ready. And, BeHome247 can provide guests with a key code to access their unit and any amenities – all without your team needing to do anything.

Ron Whitfield, President/Partner of Scenic Stays, says, “BeHome247 really helps guests have a great experience. And, BeHome247 helps us operate more efficiently. We can help a lot more people get into their units and start their vacation sooner with BeHome247’s contactless check-in.”

Along with contactless check-in, BeHome247 is also a unified operations platform for residential and hospitality properties. BeHome247 helps you manage every aspect of operations, communication, and the guest experience. Plus, BeHome247 can automate your day-to-day operations – like check-in, housekeeping scheduling, maintenance, inspections, and more.

Whether you’re looking for just a contactless check-in solution or a complete operations platform, BeHome247 has what you need. Book your BeHome247 demo to see how contactless check-in can improve your guest experience and boost efficiency.

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