Sustainability in Property Management: Embracing Tech for a Greener Future in Multi-Family Properties

In the rapidly evolving world of property management, sustainability is no longer just a buzzword. It’s a fundamental principle guiding the future. For multi-family property managers, the challenge isn’t just to meet the increasing demand for greener, more environmentally-friendly living spaces but to do so in a way that aligns with the comfort and convenience that residents expect. This is where technology steps in as a powerful ally. Property managers are revolutionizing their operations by embracing innovative tech solutions and setting new standards for sustainable living.

Let’s dive into some key ways that embracing sustainability can be a game-changer for multi-family property managers for years to come.

Better Communication: A Step Towards Sustainability

Let’s face it—nobody needs more junk mail, snail mail, or, frankly, even email. The amount of waste generated from these antiquated means of communication is staggering. For example, did you know the average US adult receives as much as 41 pounds of junk mail annually? That works out to about 4.3 million tons of junk mail produced, received, and ultimately thrown out yearly in the US alone. 

The good news? There’s a better way.

One of the most significant ways technology can make property management greener is in the realm of communication. Platforms like BeHome247’s resident communication system revolutionize how property managers interact with residents, vendors, and stakeholders. This seamless communication model fosters strong relationships, resolves issues more promptly, significantly reduces waste, and conserves energy. 

Gone are the days of paper notices and memos. Welcome to a world where every message contributes to a greener planet.

Enhanced Resident Experiences through Technology

Guess what? Reducing the need for paper-based processes doesn’t just help the environment. It helps enhance resident experiences in a big way, too. There’s practically zero lag time between a resident’s needs and a multi-family property manager’s ability to tend to these needs when using property management software, online portals, and mobile apps. 

This means two things: 1) Residents will have a much-improved experience (which breeds long-term loyalty), and 2) There’s less room for excess energy expenditure. For example, residents can report maintenance issues through a mobile app, leading to faster response times and more efficient scheduling. It also minimizes maintenance staff trips, which lowers vehicle emissions. Additionally, timely maintenance can prevent larger issues, leading to a more sustainable use of resources and energy in repairs.

It’s a win-win situation where residents enjoy the ease and efficiency of tech-driven solutions, and the environment benefits from reduced resource consumption.

Sustainable Practices: The Core of Modern Property Management

This is a big one. Today’s technology supports sustainability in more ways than one. Property managers can effectively monitor and manage energy usage across their properties with enterprise smart device management systems. These systems easily integrate with smart devices and energy management tools that help reduce overall energy consumption. By adopting these eco-friendly practices, property managers are not just cutting costs but are also contributing positively to the environment in a significant way. 

Efficiency in Operations through Automation

Of course, increasing efficiency is one of the most heralded benefits of automation. The role of technology in streamlining operations is simply unparalleled. Automation tools have simplified numerous administrative tasks—from lease management to rent collection to handling maintenance requests, and are now more efficient than ever. 

But this efficiency isn’t just a boon in terms of time saved but also in the resources conserved, making a significant contribution to the sustainability goals of property management. Let’s say a resident has a water leak. They can immediately submit an automated maintenance request. There won’t be any time lost playing phone tag. This request will get funneled into the right hands, and the problem will get fixed in a far more streamlined manner. More time saved. More water saved. More sanity saved. It’s that simple.

Data-Informed Strategies for a Greener Future

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of technology in property management is the ability to make data-informed decisions. Access to real-time data and analytics enables property managers to optimize processes, improve overall property performance, and strategize in a way that aligns with sustainable practices. This data-driven approach ensures every decision is one step closer to a greener, more sustainable future.


In conclusion, integrating technology in multi-family property management is more than a trend. It’s a necessary evolution towards a more sustainable and efficient future. BeHome247 stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering solutions that seamlessly blend technology with sustainability.

If you’re a multi-family property manager looking to make a difference, it’s time to see how technology can transform your operations. Book a demo with BeHome247 today and discover how you can implement time and cost-saving strategies that don’t just streamline your operations but also contribute to a greener planet. Embrace the future of property management with BeHome247 – where technology meets sustainability.

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