Find the Best SmartRent Alternative for 2021 and Beyond

SmartRent is an enterprise smart home automation provider. While SmartRent provides some solutions for single family and student housing, their primary focus is on multifamily properties.

If you already use SmartRent, you know that SmartRent helps you manage a variety of smart devices from one platform. And, has access control, parking management, and self-tours.

For owners and operators looking for a solution exclusively for smart home automation, SmartRent could be a good choice. But, SmartRent’s lack of end-to-end or middleware property management capabilities can leave you frustrated and looking for alternatives.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive or flexible alternative to SmartRent, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled the top 8 alternatives to SmartRent to help you find the right solution for your portfolio. Before we dive into the alternatives, let’s take a look at what SmartRent does well. And, why you might consider an alternative.

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Choosing the Best Alternative to SmartRent for Enterprise Smart Home Automation

To choose the right SmartRent alternative, you need to know both its strengths and weaknesses.

What is SmartRent Good At?

SmartRent was designed with enterprise multifamily owners and operators in mind.

Through SmartRent, you can manage some smart devices (like thermostats, lights, and locks) from one interface. SmartRent’s smart device management also includes asset protection, which can notify you of any leaks or other damage. With a tenant app, SmartRent also allows tenants to manage devices in their unit and interact with community amenities.

Beyond smart device management, SmartRent also offers access control, parking management, self-tours, and in-house hardware. Although SmartRent does make its own smart device hardware (like locks), SmartRent works with a variety of third-party devices.

Where Does SmartRent Fall Short?

Being designed primarily for the multifamily industry is one shortcoming. While this ensures SmartRent has the features you need to manage your multifamily property, it can make it challenging to manage a mixed portfolio. SmartRent’s single family offerings are less robust. And, it doesn’t have any solutions for vacation rentals or hospitality. So, if you want a solution that works well for your whole portfolio and brings a hospitality mindset to the residential experience, you should look elsewhere.

SmartRent also doesn’t offer everything you need to manage your property. It’s a smart home automation solution – not a property management platform. If you choose SmartRent, you’ll also need other point solutions to manage your property (like inspections and vendor management).

Plus, SmartRent isn’t designed to be a middleware solution that improves the function of your legacy property management technology. So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive end-to-end property management solution or a middleware solution, SmartRent won’t meet your needs.

Finding the Right Alternative to SmartRent in 2021

To help you solve some of these shortcomings, here are the top 8 alternatives to SmartRent:

1. BeHome247

BeHome247 is a smart home automation and property management solution for multifamily, single family, vacation rental, and hospitality properties. With BeHome247, you can manage every aspect of operations, guest management, and communication from one single application. By providing a complete and flexible platform that can be used across different property sectors, BeHome247 solves SmartRent’s major shortcomings.

Use Cases:

  • Multifamily
  • Single family
  • Vacation rentals
  • Hospitality

Top Features:

  • Device agnostic smart home automation
  • End to end platform
  • Middleware for legacy tech
  • Responsive human support
  • Tenant communications app

Like SmartRent, BeHome247 helps you manage smart home devices. From thermostats, to locks, to lights, and more, BeHome247 can help you manage your devices to promote operational efficiency. And, unlike many of SmartRent’s competitors, BeHome247 is device agnostic. So, you can use any device with BeHome247’s platform.

Whereas SmartRent stops at smart device control and related services (like access control and self tours), BeHome247 provides everything you need to manage your property. From a single, cloud-based software solution, BeHome247 automates all of your day-to-day operations – like inspections, maintenance, vendor invoicing, housekeeping, guest/tenant app, message center, digital rental/guest agreements, and more.

Although BeHome247 does have end-to-end capabilities, you can also use the platform with existing legacy tech. As a middleware solution, BeHome247 can help you get the most out of your existing tech. And, it can add new features (like EV charging stations), without having to replace systems you already have. Plus, BeHome247 provides enterprise reporting to help you find opportunities to save time and money while increasing revenue streams

Final word: BeHome247 is the best SmartRent alternative because it solves SmartRent’s shortcomings with a flexible platform that’s robust enough to meet all your needs.

2. Dwelo

Dwelo is another smart home automation platform that focuses on the multifamily industry. As a smart device management platform, Dwelo does not offer property management systems or manufacture hardware. Instead, it integrates with some devices and property management platforms.

Use Cases:

  • Multifamily

Top Features:

  • Access control
  • Utility management
  • Installation services

Similar to SmartRent, Dwelo focuses only on multifamily smart device management. And, Dwelo offers device installation services. But, Dwelo only integrates with some devices. Dwelo also offers mobile and web apps for owners, operators, and renters. Because Dwelo is very similar to SmartRent, it doesn’t solve any of SmartRent’s shortcomings.

Final Word: If you only need smart home automation without self-guided tours or parking management, Dwelo could be a good choice.


IOTAS is also focused on the multifamily industry. As a smart home automation company, IOTAS helps you and your residents manage smart devices. With energy management, property alerts, a tenant app, and more, IOTAS aims to increase efficiency and tenant satisfaction. 

Use Cases:

  • Multifamily

Top Features:

  • Tenant app
  • Property alerts
  • Self-guided tours

Like SmartRent and Dwelo, IOTAS is only a smart home automation platform. While it integrates with property management platforms, it doesn’t offer property management functionality. IOTAS focuses on device management and automation, property alerts, self-guided tours, and access control for owners and operators. It also has a tenant app that allows tenants to control their smart devices. Unlike SmartRent, IOTAS doesn’t manufacture its own hardware. Instead, it integrates with some other devices.

Final Word: If you’re looking for a smart home automation and self-guided tour provider but don’t need proprietary hardware, IOTAS could be a good fit.

4. Latch

Latch is a vertical solution that provides both smart device software and hardware. Aiming to be like the Apple of smart home automation, Latch focuses on creating a streamlined experience with its LatchOS system.

Use Cases:

  • Multifamily
  • Office

Top Features:

  • Proprietary hardware
  • Access control
  • Guest and delivery management

Originally created for the multifamily industry, Latch has recently released products designed for offices as well. Latch’s core offering includes smart device hardware, device management, access control, and guest and delivery features. A feature offered for both multifamily and office properties is LatchID. This has everything users need to access multiple buildings in one app. Like SmartRent, Latch also doesn’t offer property management solutions or serve other rental property types.

Final Word: Latch is a vertically integrated solution. So, if you’re looking for hardware and software from the same company that doesn’t interface with other devices, Latch could be a good choice.

5. PointCentral

A spin-off of security company, PointCentral provides smart home automation with an emphasis on security. As an enterprise solution, PointCentral only serves clients who manage 25 or more rental units.

Use Cases:

  • Multifamily
  • Single family
  • Vacation Rentals

Top Features:

  • Tenant app
  • Voice assistant
  • Cellular connectivity

Similar to SmartRent, PointCentral mainly offers smart home automation. So, you’ll still need a separate property management solution. However, unlike SmartRent, PointCentral focuses on rentals throughout the multifamily, single family, and vacation industries. With PointCentral, you can manage smart devices (like locks, thermostats, and sensors) from one dashboard. And, with cellurlar functionality, you don’t need Wi-Fi to manage your devices. Owned by a security company, PointCentral has a heavy focus on data integrity and security.

Final word: If you want smart home automation with a focus on security for your mixed portfolio, PointCentral could be a good alternative to SmartRent.

6. Rently

Rently was originally founded as a self-touring solution. Now, Rently has expanded into enterprise smart home automation. Along with both self-touring and smart home automation, Rently also offers some hardware (like a smart hub and smart locks).

Use Cases:

  • Multifamily
  • Single Family

Top Features:

  • Self-guided tours
  • Energy management
  • Damage prevention

Although Rently branched out into smart home automation, its primary solution is still self-touring. Like SmartRent, Rently doesn’t offer property management. But, Rently does provide smart home automation solutions for both multifamily and single family properties. In its enterprise smart home solution, Rently focuses on device management, access control, energy management, and damage prevention. As with many other solutions, Rently only integrates with some devices. So, if you want to go with Rently, you either need to have devices it supports or switch out all of your devices.

Final word: If you’re looking for a robust self-guided tour solution that also offers smart home automation, Rently could work for you.


STRATIS is an IoT platform. It connects a variety of smart systems and devices in one app. Along with smart home management, STRATIS also offers self-guided tours.

Use Cases:

  • Multifamily
  • Student Housing
  • Hospitality
  • Small-medium commercial

Top Features:

  • Whole building network
  • HVAC and energy management
  • Access control

STRATIS differs from other smart home automation providers by using a whole building network to manage devices, instead of individual hubs. Whereas SmartRent focuses mostly on multifamily properties, STRATIS has solutions for a variety of property types. Similar to SmartRent, STRATIS focuses on device management and doesn’t provide property management solutions. With smart home automation, STRATIS focuses on smart apartments, access control, lighting, and energy, HVAC, and water management. And, STRATIS integrates with a variety of smart devices and systems.

Final word: If you’re looking for a whole building solution that focuses exclusively on smart devices and systems, STRATIS could be right for you.

8. Vivint

Vivint began as a home security company. Now, Vivint offers smart home automation and smart home devices as well. Unlike many of the companies on this list, Vivint sells direct to consumer as well as to businesses.

Use Cases:

  • Homeowners
  • Businesses
  • Multifamily
  • Single family rentals

Top Features:

  • Security monitoring
  • Smart device hardware
  • Mobile app

Vivint has offered security and smart home automation to consumers for decades. However, Vivint is relatively new to offering security and smart home services to rental properties. Along with offering 24/7 monitored security systems and smart home automation software, Vivint also offers their own hardware (like locks, cameras, and thermostats). While it offers both security and smart home automation, Vivint doesn’t offer property management solutions.

Final word: If you’re looking for security or smart home automation for your own home, Vivint is the way to go. Vivint could also be a good choice for rental properties if you need a security system as well.

Important Features to Consider When Choosing a SmartRent Alternative

Now that you know some alternatives to SmartRent, it’s time to choose the right one for you. Before you make your choice, here are some important features to look for when choosing an alternative:


Having flexibility in your smart home automation solution is crucial. You need a platform that works with devices and software you already have. If you choose a solution without device flexibility, you could have to replace devices across your portfolio. And, if the platform doesn’t integrate with your existing tech, you’ll need to replace that too.

Replacing your devices and existing tech is time-consuming and a huge waste of money. So, you should prioritize flexibility when choosing your solution.


You need tech to help manage all day-to-day operations. If you choose a solution that only manages one aspect (like smart devices), you’ll end up with a large and unmanageable tech stack. Instead of increasing efficiency, this large tech stack will slow your team down. Not to mention the costs of so many tech solutions.

So, you need a comprehensive platform that helps you manage more than just smart devices. That way, you’ll maximize efficiency gains and get the most bang for your buck.


Along with flexibility and a comprehensive solution, you should also look for modularity. A modular solution will help you manage multiple aspects of your property. However, you only use and pay for the modules you need. And, with a modular platform, your tech can grow with you. So, you can add on more functionality as needed – rather than getting all new tech to meet your changing needs.

Modularity helps you get exactly what you need. This makes it an important feature to look for in smart home automation.

Responsive Support

Smart home tech can be complicated. Even if you do everything right, problems can still crop up. And these technology challenges aren’t just frustrating for you. They can create a negative guest experience.

To minimize guest impact, you need responsive human support. This support should prioritize your needs if something happens. That way, you can resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Wrapping It Up

SmartRent is a smart home automation solution with a focus on multifamily properties. You might need an alternative if you manage a mixed portfolio. Because SmartRent doesn’t offer property management solutions, you might also need an alternative if you want an all in one platform.

All 8 alternatives could meet some of your needs. However, if you’re looking for the best solution to solve SmartRent’s shortcomings, BeHome247 is the way to go. Providing solutions for multifamily, single family, vacation rentals, and hospitality properties, BeHome247 doesn’t stop at just smart home automation. Instead, BeHome247 also offers a comprehensive property management platform. Book your BeHome247 demo today to see how the best SmartRent alternative can help you manage your devices and property better.

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