The Biggest Mistakes Small Property Managers Make

Technology plays a vital role in property management, and not keeping up with the ever-growing need for modern property management technology is a costly mistake. Outdated systems, manual processes, and disparate technology will inevitably lead to lost time and money down the drain. 

In this post, we outline common mistakes small property managers make and what you can do to turn these everyday woes into everyday wins with the help of unifying technology.    

Not Investing in the Right Technology

Software and hardware play an integral in keeping property management operations running smoothly. However, if the technology that powers your business functions in silos—meaning these systems are not integrated and manual processes are required to transfer information from one system to the next—these tools will inevitably hinder operations.

While many tools are marketed to be powerful on their own, property management software, operations management tools, and hardware become infinitely more powerful when used in unison. By investing in technology with an open API and/or established APIs to reputable software and hardware systems, running your business seamlessly becomes a breeze. 

Imagine one dashboard that offers a complete view of your business, ranging from occupancy reports to maintenance status and energy usage. Spoiler alert: this is not a dream; it’s within reach with technology like BeHome247, designed to integrate disparate systems and supercharge your business.

Overstaffing and Under-Automating 

You might be overstaffed and under-automated if your team spends more time facilitating repeat processes than interfacing with the customer. What if you could automate self-guided tour screening and access while you’re out of town? Or initiate remote check-in as soon as the property status moves from dirty to clean? Or execute contracts digitally on the go?

Whether you manage an expansive resort or a low-density apartment complex, automation improves efficiency and helps staff focus on what’s most important: the customer experience. Copying and pasting; downloading and uploading; exporting and importing; it’s easy enough to complete these tasks day in and day out, but thousands of hours can be saved annually by implementing a unifying operations system like BeHome247 to automate these manual tasks and take those hours back. 

When human error is reduced and efficiency is improved, it’s a win-win for the team, the customer, and the company’s bottom line. (Want to learn more about what automations can do for your business? Check out our 6 Must-Have Automations for Property Managers.)

Not Investing in Smart Technology

If we’ve learned anything from smart technology over the past decade, it’s that analog hardware is wildly inefficient when not managed properly. But truth be told, it’s hard for property managers to thoroughly optimize a thermostat that doesn’t connect to wi-fi or remember to turn off every light switch when locking up a vacant unit. 

When smart technology—like wi-fi-enabled thermostats, security systems, water leak detectors, lights, and more—is integrated with your operations platform, mitigating risk and managing energy usage at an enterprise level is a breeze. Plus, the benefits are many. Most noticeably, property managers can reduce their property or properties’ carbon footprint and energy costs immediately. Further, the customer experience is improved by pre-setting the lights to turn on moments before arrival and advance cooling the unit to an ambient temperature prior to self-guided tours or check-in time.

“We’re always thrilled for property managers and rental owners who choose to integrate smart technology into their property or properties. BeHome247 makes it easy to connect these systems for seamless use and energy savings,” says Pete Gudmundsson, CEO.   

Allowing Paper Pushing to be Someone’s Job

Collecting signatures, storing documents, reviewing contract terms, and revising agreements are essential aspects of running a professional business. But managing and maintaining physical documents is hugely inefficient and should be considered a thing of the past.

Digitization is the new normal when it comes to document management. With digital documents, a quick search or a few clicks will reveal the exact documents you need to reference a management agreement, share rental terms, or quickly pull up a vendor contract—at the office and on the go. With a unified operations platform like BeHome247 that includes digital document management, paper pushing is officially no one’s job—which will come as a relief to literally everyone. 

Not Offering Contactless Services

In-person check-in requirements and guided property tours are largely considered by customers to be an inconvenience. Contactless services, like digital applications, remote check-in for rental properties, and self-guided tours for residential leasing opportunities, are easy and stress-free… and secure.

With the right technology in place, contactless services are the safest and most secure way for customers to gain access to a property. BeHome247 offers background checks, face verification, and other unique security steps to ensure your property is protected from unwanted visitors. Further, that same technology provides an unparalleled customer experience. 

Remember: property management is time management, and BeHome247 will save you time and money, and ensure that these common property management mistakes are avoided. Looking for more property management tips? Check out our 8 Maintenance Tips for Property Managers.

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