How to Prevent Water Damage with Water Leak Detection for Condos

Water leaks – a nightmare for condo owners or associations. 

Accounting for roughly 30% of condo insurance claims, water leaks can cause extensive damage. A water leak can start in one unit or common area and quickly spread, causing damage in multiple units. 

You want to avoid water leaks. So, you stay vigilant for any signs of water damage. Since water leaks can start anywhere, this strategy doesn’t offer much protection. But, what else can you do?

A water leak detection system can help condo owners and associations catch water leaks early. Early leak detection minimizes damage and repair costs. The right water detection system can also give you peace of mind when away from your condo. 

Wondering how water leak detection systems work and if they’re right for you? You’re in the right place. We’ll cover everything you need to know about leak detection to prevent condo water damage. Let’s start with a look at what water leak detection is. 

What is water leak detection for condos?

A water leak detection system monitors your water line. If the water leak detection system notices abnormal water behavior, it can alert you or shut off the water. 

Condo water leak detection can either be for every unit or group of units. So, you can have a detection system at the water entry point for every condo, every floor, or any other condo grouping. 

Water leak detection can be part of a stand-alone system that just monitors water. However, it can also be part of a larger property and device management platform. A platform has everything you need to manage your condo or building, often making it a better option than a water leak detection point solution. 

How does water leak detection work for condos?

Water leak detection systems are first installed throughout the condo building. Depending on the system you choose, a water leak sensor will be installed at the water entry point for each condo, floor, or section of your building. 

Then, the water leak detection system monitors water flow. If your system detects any flow abnormalities (like continually running water), it will send an alert to condo owners or association. Smart water leak detection systems can send an alert to smartphones, helping owners mange their condos even when they’re away. Some water leak detection systems can also automatically shut off water to minimize damage. 

After alerting the condo association or owners, the water leak detection system provides a precise location of the leak. This makes it easier and faster to repair the leak. With the right water leak detection system, you can get in front of costly water damage. 

What are the benefits of water leak detection for condos?

Now that you know more about water leak detection systems, you might be wondering what benefits you could see from them. Here are some of the top benefits of water leak detection for condos:

Damage prevention

One of the biggest benefits you’ll see with water leak detection is damage prevention. Leaking water can cause damage to floors, ceilings, and walls. It can also lead to mold growth, which is a health hazard. In addition, water damage can cause electrical and structural damage if left unchecked. 

Spotting water leaks can be difficult in a single family home. Because condo buildings have so many units, it’s even harder to spot water leaks before they cause catastrophic damage. 

With a water leak detection system, however, it’s easy to spot water leaks soon after they happen. Water leak sensors can notify you the minute they detect a problem. So, the condo owner or owner’s association can take action immediately to prevent extensive and expensive damage. 

Easier repair 

Along with immediate alerts, water leak detection systems can also provide precise leak information. Without a leak detection system, condo owners and associations have no idea what’s causing the leak. So, owners or associations have to waste time and money locating the water leak source. 

With water leak detection systems, you can find the source of the leak immediately. This makes it easy to shut off the water at the leak location quickly. It also makes it easier to repair any damage. Your repair crew doesn’t have to open ceilings, walls, or floors hunting for the damage. Instead, they know exactly where the damage is, making it much easier to repair.

Lower water bills

Fixing water damage isn’t the only cost of water leaks. Condo owners and associations could also face a large water bill. If the leak is undetected for days, weeks, or even months, a condo unit or building will go through much more water than usual. More water usage means a higher utility bill. 

However, with a water leak detection system, you can spot and resolve the problem on the same day. Even if you can’t get the leak repaired that day, you can still shut off the water. This quick action can save you from a massive water bill. 

Lower insurance premium

Claims can raise condo owner and associations’ insurance premiums. A water leak usually involves a claim for repairing the source of the leak, addressing any water damage to walls, ceilings, or floors, mold remediation, and more. Because water leaks can lead to such large claims, they can significantly raise insurance premiums. 

A water leak detection system can help you avoid massive water damage. While you can’t always prevent a water leak, you can stop it before it causes much damage with water leak detection. This can help you keep your insurance premium low – saving you money. 

Why should condo owners and associations use water leak detection systems?

Beyond preventing damage and saving money, you should use water leak detection to prevent tension between condo owners. If there’s a water leak that damages multiple condo units, each owner will start blaming the others. This blame game is not only unproductive, but it can also make your condo building an unpleasant place to live.

Condo associations should also consider water leak detection systems to make sure they’re upholding their agreement with condo owners. Associations are responsible for maintaining common areas. Without a leak detection system, it can be hard for condo associations to detect a common area water leak. This leak can then not only damage common areas but also individual units. 

Water leak detection systems can help both condo owners and associations prevent damage, lower costs, and create a great condo building experience. 

Water leak detection for condos with BeHome247

Water leak detection is a smart choice for both condo owners and associations. When choosing a leak detection system, you have a lot of options. BeHome247 offers industry-leading water leak detection systems for condos, multifamily, single family, vacation rental, and hospitality properties. 

With BeHome247, you can monitor water leaks and usage in every condo unit or floor. BeHome247 can also send alerts to your smartphone to help you address water leaks quickly. 

Unlike other water leak detection systems, BeHome247 is also an end-to-end property and device management platform. So, you don’t need a separate water leak detection system, property management solution, and device management platform. Instead, BeHome247 provides everything you need to manage your day-to-day operations (like maintenance, vendor management, building communications, and more). 

BeHome247’s cloud-based platform also has middleware capabilities. This means BeHome247 can work with your legacy technology. As a middleware solution, BeHome247 can improve the functionality of your legacy tech and add additional features (like water leak detection). 

Whether you’re looking for a water leak detection system or a property and device management platform, BeHome247 has a solution for your needs. 

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