Multi-Family Property Care

with Smart Apartment Solutions

BeHome247 offers modern solutions for multi-family residential leasing by adding smart technology and workflow automation to the mix. With our cloud-based platform, you control what’s happening across your entire portfolio from a single user interface. Imagine more time in your day to focus on resident experience while adding significant savings to your bottom line!

BeHome247 SmartHome technology provides tenants, property managers and owners with convenience and security, while giving greater insight into the performance of the homes.

Your End-to-End Property Management Solution

Day-to-day operations of multi-family property management whether it be condominiums, large communities, residential apartments or a mix of them all, is challenging enough. From touring potential new tenants around your facilities, to taking exceptional care of your current residents needs there is never a dull moment.

At BeHome247, we understand the lifecycle of a tenant and have developed a single user interface that takes a potential renter all the way through to a long term tenant, handling everything in between with an easy-to-use application. Here’s how.

Enterprise Self-Guided Tours

While choosing a place to live is an exciting time for a potential tenant, it can also be a long one.

With BeHome247’s self-guided tours, prospective tenants no longer require chaperoning while selecting their perfect new residence. Our advanced safety and security screenings, which can be customized to your needs and comfort level, minimize fraudulent access while reducing time and effort.

BeHome247 is the only smart property care solution that offers a quad authenticated identity solution leveraging face recognition, as well as the ability to do a background check on prospective tenants during the application process. Our advanced security screenings not only let you rest assured the right prospective tenant is on the premises, but your existing tenants can take comfort as well.

Digital Rental Agreements and More

After the prospective tenant completes their self-guided tour and they’re ready to start the application process, BeHome247’s smart apartment platform digitizes applications, rental agreements and more so you don’t have to worry about chasing down paperwork for new or renewing tenants.

Digitize any document, automate its delivery, and archive it all in a single space, from application to lease agreement and anything in between. Then connect the documents directly to the tenant in the Tenant Connect app so you can reference them anytime you need. All your documents will be exactly where you need them, whenever you need them.

Tenant Connect

You’ve saved time and resources through self-guided tours, streamlined processes through digital rental agreements, and now you embark on your rental journey with the tenant. With BeHome247’s Tenant Connect, a fully customizable and branded tenant app, you accomplish more than maintaining a tenants expectations of their rental agreement, you enhance their experience entirely.

The Tenant Connect app allows your tenants to control in-unit smart devices, access common areas like the gym or club house, communicate work order needs to management, and pay their rent. Need to communicate an important property message to all tenants, or need to let the tenant in unit 202 that the air filters will be changed on Monday? Not a problem. Our SMS capability allows you to send push notifications, reminders and other custom communications, real-time or scheduled in advance, to all tenants or individuals.

Work order management

Work orders for both the tenant and property manager have never been easier. With the Tenant Connect app, your tenants can start a work request order with a few clarifying questions on their needs, snapping a photograph for upload, and just like that, the work order has begun.

Say goodbye to waiting days for a vendor to get back with you on if and how the issue was fixed, the Tenant Connect app gives you real time status updates and changes. Once the work is completed, you can always reference the work order, to include all its details, in the timeline feature of the app.

Tenant Payments

Our SMS functionality allows you to automatically dispatch notices for rent due, overdue invoices, and other payment related messaging, as well as accept tenant payments directly from the Tenant Connect app. All done with a simple push of a button. If you have a need to build a protocol for those who are late on payment? This single user interface can restrict access to common spaces for individuals until rent is paid.

Lighten your load on the tough conversations by making it easier for your tenants to pay.

Tenant Communication with the Message Center

Drafting monthly newsletters for tenants can be cumbersome, but necessary to share information. Use the time you’d spend putting together a newsletter on more critical tasks, and stay connected to your tenants through regularly scheduled property updates and alerts through the tenant app. If your newsletter is constantly reminding them of the 10pm closing time for the pool, set a daily alert at that time to remind them. Notify them of package arrivals and where to collect them. Allow tenants to grant access to food delivery services to Uber Eats so they can deliver a meal without having to meet them at a main entrance or give them their private tenant code.

By interacting with your tenants seamlessly, the overall experience of your tenants to going to be better, which means renewed contracts when the time comes.

IT’S Time to Get Smart with Technology

The BeHome247 platform was built by operators, for operators. We’ve all worked within this industry and accumulated quite a long career in property care and management. We’ve also faced the same issues with communication, connectivity, and workflow processes. That’s why we built BeHome247, to fill this gap in a thriving industry.

Our goal, simply put, is to assure you can reach Everything from Anywhere, all on a single user interface.