Integration Partner Highlight – Hostaway

Day-to-day operations for residential and hospitality property managers has never been easier, thanks to BeHome247’s unifying operations platform—now made even more powerful via our integration with Hostaway. 

With a mutual desire to provide lean, agile technology property management solutions to shared customers, BeHome247 recently integrated with Hostaway. Hostaway is a powerful vacation rental software providing deep channel integrations, a long list of premium partners, and outstanding customer support to users around the globe. 

Providing dynamic functionalities, customizable solutions, and intuitive interfaces for operators of all types, BeHome247 and Hostaway propel short-term property managers to the next level.

About Hostaway

Founded in 2015, Hostaway was born to address issues property managers confronted when using multiple sales channels to market their vacation rental properties, primarily double bookings. Since no solution was available, they created one themselves. Built for use by property management teams poised for growth, Hostaway’s robust platform enables all members to communicate and work in a highly efficient environment. Accessible from both a dashboard and mobile app, Hostaway offers an impressive list of perks. Designed to market, manage, and operate everything from small to large enterprises, Hostaway leans operations, empowering property managers to grow their businesses exponentially at their own pace.

Hostaway Capabilities

Featuring a property management system, channel manager, and direct booking website, Hostaway also boasts automation tools that deliver long-term value to property managers, tenants, and guests. Streamlining repetitive and routine tasks with triggers and workflows, users can also simplify operations via automated messages, reviews, tasks, and payments. A unified inbox centralizes communications, drastically improving response times and productivity for increasingly understaffed and overextended property management teams.

Powerful analytics, customizable reporting, and expense tracking lend valuable insight into business operations and customer preferences, while payment processing and guest invoicing expedite procedures and simplify operations. Dynamic pricing adjusts rates based on supply and demand, enabling users to alter revenue strategies and garner as much business as possible. Whether property managers need marketing, sales, and communications guidance or accounting, reporting, and staff training support, Hostaway has a tool for that, and it’s robust, intuitive, and scalable. 

As a preferred partner with multiple OTAs, including Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, and more, Hostaway offers transparency into all reservations, minimizing double bookings while maximizing revenue. A highly-rated mobile app provides convenience and flexibility, enabling property managers to coordinate operations remotely with complete visibility, whether in the office intermittently or operating remotely. Simplifying processes and improving guest experiences on every level, Hostaway continues to build trust with users and consumers alike.

Hostaway Highlights

Scalable and customizable, Hostaway offers countless tools and resources to fast-growing vacation rental property managers. Featuring over 100 integrated software partners, the Hostaway Marketplace showcases an expanding number of software options, enabling users to pick and choose preferred elements and components to suit individual needs and personal preferences. Seamlessly connecting via API to Hostaway’s systems, users capitalize on a rich feature set to organize, schedule, delegate, and track every aspect of their business. 

Easy channel management, task automation, guest communication and reviews, and financial reporting aren’t the only benefits. Revenue management, guest screening, and payment processing add to the mix, and a central calendar enables viewing reservations from all channels. From accounting and automation to EV charging and guest services, Hostaway offers powerful enhancements designed to increase operational efficiency.

Hostaway Support

Renowned for excellent customer service and outstanding support, experts on the Hostaway platform assist in every aspect of the onboarding process. A friendly and knowledgeable staff adeptly simplifies the procedure, tackling different software components into easily digestible segments. Support personnel address questions and concerns via email, phone, and chat, while an online help center offers valuable resources. Featuring step-by-step guides and additional materials, users can reference blogs, case studies, and a handy vacation rental guide for additional information. 

Feature Presentation webinars provide helpful tips on various topics, including how to use financial reporting and owner statements, charge your guests, and communicate with guests using their message feature. Support videos lend additional insight on other important subjects, like creating booking engines, combining multiple listings into one via the cross-listings feature, or checking the connection status of your listings in the channel manager. If you’ve got questions, they have answers, giving users the confidence and tools to succeed in their current environment and expand when desired.

Best-in-Class Integration

With a dedication to incorporating user feedback to enhance its product, Hostaway is equally committed to increasing its features and integrations. Now, users, guests, and residents will reap even more benefits with access to BeHome247’s comprehensive suite of tools, including smart home and access control, energy management, noise monitoring, and real-time alerts. By syncing property and reservation information, BeHome247 can now push access codes to Hostaway, making it easier for guests to access vacation rental properties. 

Long-Term Success

Accommodating growing and changing consumer needs, travel demands, seasonal trends, and fluctuating market conditions is no easy task.  As property management teams adapt to demand and market consolidation shifts, they still need to find ways to impact the consumer experience positively. Enabling fast and efficient coordination of property management teams and processes is critical to stay competitive, and it all starts with a strong foundation.

Offering feature-rich solutions to short-term property managers and ensuring safe stays for guests and tenants, BeHome247 and Hostaway consistently stay ahead of the game. While BeHome247 helps users consolidate information and automate routine processes, Hostaway offers lean operations and scalable property management software. Closing the gap by developing customizable tech stacks with unlimited functionality, BeHome247 and Hostaway empower property managers to take control of every aspect of their operations, no matter what stage of the game they’re in.

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