Self-Guided Tours – More Than a Time-Saver, a Safety-Haven, Too

How secure are your self-guided tours?

Self-guided tours not only save time for prospects, they also provide flexibility and a stress-free tour experience. It’s no wonder that 83% of potential residents now prefer self-guided tours over traditional tours.

If you’re new to the self-guided tour space, you may be wondering if this type of tour could pose security risks (for example, making it easy for unauthorized visitors to enter the property). However, the opposite is true when you implement the right technology. 

Wondering how to find safe self-guided tour software? You’re in the right place. Before we dive into how to make self-guided tours safe, let’s take a look at how self-guided tours work.

How do self-guided tours work?

Self-guided tours begin when the prospect signs up to schedule a tour through your property website or over the phone with a member of your team. From there, your self-guided tour scheduling software will offer available timeslots and, once confirmed, run a background check and take steps to verify the prospect’s identity. 

After scheduling the tour, a prospective renter shows up during their time slot to access the property with a single use, digital key. The self-guided tour software will verify the prospects identity and unlock the door, then automatically lock and discontinue the digital key

Self-guided tours are indeed incredibly safe when using a best in class technology provider that takes extra steps to verify the prospect’s identity and secure the property. However, many self-guided tour solutions simply make remote access possible without added layers of security. Safe and secure self-guided tour solutions should offer end-to-end security—from booking through exiting the tour.

Why is self-guided tour security important?

Self-guided tours allow people on your property unsupervised. Without the right security, both legitimate prospects and bad apples have access to your property.

Subpar self-guided tour security can cost you thousands in repair and replacement costs. It can also cost you rental revenue during repairs. That’s why the right security is crucial for self-guided tour software.

What security features should you look for in self-guided tour software?

With the right security, you can get the benefits of self-guided tours – without the hassle. Here are the top security features to look for:

Background check

When prospects sign up for a self-guided tour, the software should run a background check. Potential renters first upload an ID and credit card. In just seconds, the software runs a background check. This makes sure only genuine prospects can secure tour slots.

Electronic key

You should also look for self-guided tours that use electronic keys. A smartphone app or a code are more secure ways to unlock your property than physical keys, which can be easily copied. The electronic key should have an expiration date and time, aligned with the end of the tour slot. After the tour is over, prospects can no longer unlock your property with the digital key.

Specific time and place

The best self-guided tour software should have short access times. Instead of allowing prospects to tour in a 48-hour window, the software should narrow the access window to 30-60 minutes—placing a hard start and stop time on the appointment.


Another important security measure is requiring selfies. Before potential renters can unlock your property, the software requires a selfie. A live selfie makes sure the prospect is who you approved to see your property. If the picture doesn’t match the background check, the potential resident can’t access your property.

Automatic door locking

It’s easy for prospects to forget to lock the door. Your self-guided tour software should always automatically lock the door after the tour is over. That way, no one can get enter or reenter your property afterward.

Self-Guided Tours with BeHome247

Attract more prospective residents with the best self-guided tour technology on the market, BeHome247.

BeHome247 ensures your self-guided tours are safe and secure with required background checks and credit card upon sign up. With BeHome247, you can charge prospects for the tour or simply keep the card on file to cover any damages from the tour. 

BeHome247 also secures each tour to a specific time and place, ideal for high volume touring properties with back to back tours. Prospects can only get into your property during a small time slot and requires a live selfie that matches to the verified identity on file for added security. 

After confirming the prospect’s identity, BeHome247 electronically unlocks your property. When the prospective renter is done touring, BeHome247 will automatically lock the door after the tour ends.

Along with best-in-class self-guided tours, BeHome247 also offers property and device management. With BeHome247 you can manage every aspect of operations, tenant management, and communication. BeHome247 also automates your day-to-day operations – like inspections, maintenance, vendor invoicing, tenant communication, digital rent agreements, and more.

Whether you’re just looking for self-guided tours or need property and device management, BeHome247 has what you need.

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