Self-Guided Rental Property Tours

How to Save Time and Convert More Prospects

Do you use self-guided tours at your multifamily or single family property?

If not, you could be missing out on great renters. 

Self-guided tours allow prospective renters to see your property by themselves. Prospects can pick whatever time works best for their schedules. And, prospective renters can tour your property at their own pace.

With so much flexibility, it’s no surprise that 83% of renters are interested in self-guided tours. Even better, lease conversions increase by 86% with self-guided tours. Plus, self-guided tours can save you and your team hours every week. 

Self-guided tours sound pretty great. But, how can you implement self-guided tours at your rental property? That’s what we’ll cover in this post. We’ll also go over how self-guided tours work and what benefits you could see. To start, let’s take a closer look at what self-guided tours are.

What are rental property self-guided tours?

Self-guided tours are a type of contactless property showing. Prospects can visit your multifamily or single family property without a leasing agent. So, prospective renters can schedule a time that works for them – even if it’s outside of business hours. 

Prospects can self-tour thanks to technology. Self-guided tour technology allows prospects to schedule a tour and access your property. While there are many self-guided tour tech providers, it’s important to choose a solution that prioritizes security to keep renters, prospects, and you and your property safe. 

One thing to note is that self-guided tours and virtual tours aren’t the same thing – even though they’re both enabled by technology. Virtual tours allow prospects to view your property online through a 3D rendering or video. Self-guided tours enable prospects to see your property in person. When deciding whether to rent your property, many prospects will use both virtual and self-guided tours. 

How do self-guided tours for rental properties work?

Self-guided tours begin with prospects finding your property online. After they find a property they want to tour, prospects can schedule a time online. Before they can tour your property, prospective renters have to pass a credit and background check. This makes sure that prospects are a good fit for your property. 

If prospective renters pass the background and credit check, they can then go see your property. Prospects will get an access code or pass to enter your property. This virtual key lets prospects view the space they want to rent and any common areas or amenities. After prospects leave your property, everything should lock up automatically. 

Your leasing team will be notified when prospects sign up for and complete a self-guided tour. That way, your team can easily follow up with qualified prospects at the right time. 

What are the benefits of self-guided rental property tours?

Self-guided tours can save time for your team and create a better experience for prospects. Here’s a deeper look at some of the top benefits you could see with self-guided tours:

Faster Leasing 

Scheduling a time for a prospect to view your property can take days or weeks of back and forth. You both have busy schedules. Trying to find a time that works for both of you can seem impossible. This scheduling headache can slow down your leasing process – and cost you prospects. 

With self-guided tours, prospects can view your property any time – even after regular business hours. So, as soon as prospects have time, they can view your property. They don’t have to wait for your schedule to align with theirs. This shortens the leasing process by days or weeks, helping you fill vacancies faster.

Reduced Workload

Your team has a lot to do every day. From crafting marketing materials, to following up with prospects, to more, your team already has a full plate. This leaves little time for your leasing agents to show prospective renters your property. When your team spends time showing your property, that’s time they can’t spend on everything else they need to get done. 

Self-guided tours can take one thing off your team’s to-do list. Prospects can see your property on their own. Instead of spending time showing your property, your team can focus on other lead generation and conversion activities. 

Better Prospect Experience

Traditional tours require prospects to tour with a leasing agent. Although leasing agents can offer helpful info, they can make prospects feel pressured. So, prospects can’t enjoy a stress-free tour at their own pace. This can make prospective renters less likely to sign a lease. 

With self-guided tours, prospects can explore your property without someone hovering over them. That way, prospects can spend as much time as they want touring. And, without an audience, prospects can better picture living on your property, increasing prospective renter conversion rates. 

Why should you offer self-guided rental property tours?

Self-guided rental property tours offer many benefits to your team and prospective renters. However, the benefits aren’t the only reason you should offer self-guided tours. As self-guided tours become the industry standard, any properties that don’t offer them will fall behind. 

More than 80% of renters want to see self-guided tours. You might have a similar property to your competition. While you offer better amenities, finishes, and more, your competition probably offers self-guided tours. Prospective renters might not even consider your property if you don’t offer self-guided tours. 

To keep up with your competition, you need to offer self-guided tours. You can also stand out from your competition by offering a better self-guided tour experience. With self-guided property tours, you can attract and convert more prospective renters – with less time and effort. 

Self-Guided Rental Property Tours with BeHome247

You have a lot of choices when looking for a self-guided tour provider. Unlike other self-guided tour providers, BeHome247 works for both multifamily and single family properties. So, you can use the same solution throughout your portfolio. 

And, BeHome247 is a device agnostic platform. This means you can use any self-guided tour hardware with BeHome247. 

BeHome247 self-guided tours also offer best-in-class security. You don’t want unauthorized people having access to your property, so security is crucial when choosing a self-guided tour provider. As the only smart property care solution to offer a quad authenticated identity solution, BeHome247 takes security to the next level. And, BeHome247 has optional background checks, further securing your property. 

Plus, BeHome247 is so much more than a self-guided solution. From a single, cloud-based software solution, BeHome247 has everything you need to manage all of your day-to-day operations (like tenant communications, work orders, rental agreements, and more). And, with middleware capabilities, BeHome247 can improve your existing legacy tech with new features. 

Whether you’re looking for just a self-guided tour solution or an entire smart home automation and property management platform, BeHome247 has what you need. 

Snag your free BeHome247 demo today to see how BeHome247 can help you save time and convert more prospects. 


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