How to Boost Your Guest Experience with Automated Housekeeping Scheduling for Vacation Rentals

Your vacation rental property experiences a lot of guest turnover. While multifamily or single family properties keep tenants for a year or more, your vacation rental hosts new guests every couple of days or weeks.

Frequent turnover means you have to regularly deep clean your vacation rental. Every time a guest checks out, you must thoroughly clean your rental.

Skipping this deep clean can lead to extremely unhappy guests and bad reviews.

However, managing so much deep cleaning can be time-consuming. The good news is that manually managing housekeeping isn’t the only way to make sure your property is spotless for guests. Instead, you can use automated housekeeping scheduling for vacation rentals.

Wondering if automated housekeeping scheduling is for you? You’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll cover what automated housekeeping scheduling is, how it works, and why you should use it for your vacation rentals. To start, let’s look at what automated housekeeping scheduling is.

What is automated housekeeping scheduling for vacation rentals?

Automated housekeeping scheduling for vacation rentals (like Airbnb rentals) is a way to schedule cleaning automatically. Instead of manually scheduling cleaning every time a guest leaves your rental, this software schedules it for vacation rental owners and property managers.  

Depending on the software, automated housekeeping scheduling can assess how much cleaning a room needs, assign it to cleaners, manage linens, and even notify guests if their unit is ready early. This automatic process is faster and less work for your team.

While you can choose standalone scheduling automation software, it’s not the best option. This scheduling software needs info from tech that handles online bookings, vendor management, communication, and more. A point solution can’t seamlessly move this info between your tech – which creates more work for your team.

A better option is a property and device management system with housekeeping scheduling automation. That way, the scheduling software automatically has the data it needs from your vacation rental software to handle everything for you – creating less work and improving the guest experience.

How does automation for cleaning schedules work for vacation rentals?

When guests book a stay at your short-term rental, automated housekeeping software schedules a cleaning event when guests are set to check out. Then, this software can assign the cleaning task to your team or your cleaning company, depending on who does your housekeeping.

Once everything is scheduled, this software can send reminders and alerts to make sure the cleaning happens on schedule. Along with alerts, automated housekeeping scheduling software can also provide cleaning checklists or templates for your team or cleaning management company. This ensures that everything is cleaned to your satisfaction, creating a great guest experience.

If cleaning finishes earlier than expected, automated housekeeping scheduling can also communicate with guests (like through a mobile app or messaging software). This automatic communication allows guests to access their rooms early, without any additional work for you or your team.

What are the benefits of automated housekeeping scheduling for vacation rentals?

Now that you know how automated housekeeping scheduling works for vacation rentals, let’s dive into some of the top benefits of this software for vacation rental owners and property managers:

Save time

One of the biggest benefits of automated housekeeping scheduling is that it saves time. With traditional housekeeping scheduling, you must manually create an event for cleaning when guests check out. Then, you have to coordinate with vendors or your team to make sure someone is available to clean. Finally, you must make sure your rental is cleaned correctly and on time.

In contrast, automated housekeeping scheduling can do this for you. This software can handle the menial scheduling tasks and streamline your workflow, saving hours of administrative work.

Cut costs

Automated housekeeping scheduling can also help you reduce your expenses. With traditional scheduling, you need staff to manage the scheduling and communication. You also need staff or cleaning services to do the cleaning.

However, with automated housekeeping scheduling, you can do more with less staff. Since this software takes care of most of the scheduling tasks, you don’t need as many administrators. Moreover, this software schedules everything as efficiently as possible. So, your staff or service providers spend less time cleaning, cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Improve your guest experience

Guests expect your vacation rental to be spotless when they check in. But, it’s easy for cleaning tasks to fall through the cracks when manually creating cleaning schedules. 

With traditional scheduling, you, or your team must be on top of every booking, ensuring cleaning is scheduled at the right time. If you or your team forget any scheduling steps, guests could check in to a messy rental – creating a horrible guest experience.

Instead of trying to remember everything, automated housekeeping scheduling can do it all for you. This automated process ensures cleaning is scheduled after every stay. That way, your rental is always flawlessly cleaned when guests check in – creating a great guest experience.

Why should you use automated housekeeping scheduling?

The pandemic resulted in less traveling than normal, putting pressure on all vacation rentals. Even though travel has rebounded, it’s still a tight market for vacation property owners.

If you want to not only survive but also thrive post-pandemic, you need every advantage you can get. Automating tedious and menial tasks can give your vacation rental business a serious advantage over your competitors.

Not only can automation (for tasks like vacation rental cleaning) make your team more efficient and cut costs. It can also create an outstanding guest experience – leading to better reviews and more bookings.

To stay ahead of your competitors with fewer expenses and more revenue, you need to take advantage of rental property management automation tools.

Automate housekeeping scheduling with BeHome247 

When it comes to automating cleaning for vacation rentals, there are many options. However, it’s important to choose the right solution to maximize the benefits and simplify the process.

If you’re looking for the best automated housekeeping scheduling solution, BeHome247 is the way to go. BeHome247 is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution. So, you can manage housekeeping scheduling, linens, and more from one, user-friendly dashboard. Plus, BeHome247 has a convenient guest portal that makes it easy for guests to check in and stay updated.

BeHome247 is also a complete property and device management platform for vacation rental, hospitality, multifamily, and single family properties. Along with housekeeping scheduling automation, BeHome247’s property management software helps you manage every aspect of operations, guest management, and communication from one single application.

In addition to being an end-to-end platform, BeHome247 is also a middleware solution. So, BeHome247’s automated housekeeping scheduling works with your legacy technology (like booking sites). As a middleware solution, BeHome247 can also improve the functionality of legacy technology by adding additional features (like automatically syncing booking with housekeeping scheduling).

Whether you’re looking for a housekeeping scheduling automation point solution or an entire property and device management platform, BeHome247 has what you need.

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